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Koala vacuum, vacuum and vacuum keep-warm glass with tail have what different?

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-24
With the vacuum in vacuum products and enterprises technical innovation, a kind of can avoid insulation BeiBei bravery damage, leakage of special manufacturing process - — Koala birth vacuum technology. What is a koala vacuum keep-warm glass, first of all, let's learn about the structure of the traditional vacuum cup. Traditional vacuum cup generally made from inside and outside two layer glass or stainless steel material, into a vacuum in the middle, to isolate heat transfer, so the bottom of the cup bile has a extraction, the extraction tail is easily damaged or leak, so the koala vacuum technology was born, one vacuum technology is to use the special welding technology, so there is no the sharp suction tail, to avoid the damage to the cup bile extraction tail chipped or affect the use of the vacuum effect due to leakage. Sales of stainless steel vacuum keep-warm glass on the market at present, due to the vacuum technology is different, can be divided into: vacuum vacuum with tail and one two. With tail vacuum belong to the traditional technology, the koala vacuum is one of the most advanced technology at home and abroad. Koala vacuum technology in the production of stainless steel vacuum keep-warm glass and vacuum keep-warm glass with tail difference mainly reflects in the following: 1, the technology is different: 'vacuum' with tail has said tubular vacuum is a traditional vacuum technology, USES is 'pressure sealing technology, the technology measures on micro is not fully ensure airtight; 'Koala vacuum' is the most advanced vacuum technology at home and abroad, and the temperature in the vacuum environment, there are computer control complete extraction, sealing, cooling process, USES is 'sealing technology' can guarantee not leak for a long time. 2, different equipment: 'koala' vacuum keep-warm glass equipment of large equipment, high degree of automation, product quality level is high, so the cost is expensive, and the management and use of the technology is complex, difficult to grasp, power consumption is higher than the single product several times 'vacuum' with tail, so at present domestic only a handful of companies fully grasp and use of this technology. But this kind of technology products of good quality and better performance will become mainstream keep-warm glass manufacturing of vacuum technology. 3, higher vacuum degree and heat preservation time is longer, because the koala vacuum keep-warm glass is at 1000 ℃ under the condition of vacuum, and sealing, at this time the vacuum and vacuum with tail, same when product return to room temperature, the vacuum degree is much higher than the end of 'vacuum'. 4, large effective capacity: because there is no 'vacuum' with tail that mouse tail, don't need to set up a 'hidden tail room', so the effective space is large. End with 'vacuum' compared to the same physical size products, koala vacuum keep-warm glass interior space much more effectively.
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