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keep water bottles fresh this summer with these time-saving cleaning hacks

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-21
Keep it safe in hot weather, hydration is the key.
Keeping the water bottle hand is essential in summer, the new style can keep the drink cold for 24 hours, and it is easier than ever to maintain the amount of water consumed throughout the day.
The popularity of thermal insulation styles has surged in recent years, but if your water bottle is not properly cleaned, a humid environment can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
Experts agree that ideally, it should be cleaned once a day, or if you have some bottles on hand that can be rotated within a week, at least once every few days.
Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your bottle clean without easy and cheap bacteria.
Method 1: someone who has a baby in the house with a bottle brush will be familiar with this method of using long cleaning
Bottle Brush processing.
Simply rinse your water bottle with soap and hot water and give it a good scrub with a brush like thisBrown’s.
The long bristles clean the sides of the bottle, while the sponge tip allows you to clean the bottom easily.
Shopping: Amazon, $6 Method 2: fake tooth cleaning tablet this Pinterest hacker has been circulating around the internet thanks to a quick and easy way to clean it, avoiding any scrubbing.
Many brands use baking soda as an effective cleaning ingredient, and baking soda is killed when it falls into the water and kills bacteria in contact.
Just put a tablet in the water bottle with some warm water and let it sit for a few hours before flushing.
Shopping bar: Wal-Mart, $5 Method 3: Bake SodaSimilar to Method 2, this is a particularly easy way to clean the bottle with the ingredients already in your home as you only need 1-
2 teaspoons of baked potatoes and some warm water.
Leave the mixture in the water bottle for the night and rinse it clean. SHOP IT: Well. ca, $3.
Method 4: Although vinegar has a bad reputation for its strong smell, it is an effective and gentle disinfectant.
Fill your bottle with white vinegar and let it sit for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.
The scent of vinegar may last for a while, but it should dissipate before you use it next time.
Buy it: Amazon, $7 method 5: bleach solution if all the other methods fail you want to give your water bottle a deeper level of cleaning and nothing is better than the old good method
Mix half a teaspoon of bleach into two liters of water to make a weak alkaline solution.
Fill all the bottles that need to be cleaned and let them represent 10-
15 minutes before flushing and air drying.
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