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jim brown don\'t give up on manziel \'i throw water bottles too!\'

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-30
Johnny Manziel has a big supporter in his camp. -
Cleveland Brown legend Jim Brown. .
He says he still believes in the young QB. . .
And explained why the water bottle incident is not a big deal. The 79-year-
Old NFL Hall of Fame Book Soup in Los Angeles. A.
When we asked about the plays around manzir, Liya Black, a friend who supported him.
\"He did the right thing.
Brown said: \"His intention is great. . .
\"He went to the rehabilitation center and came back to work every day. he is a good boy.
As far as the water bottle drama is concerned. . .
Brown said it\'s no big deal. -
But you have to hear what Brown thinks about the situation.
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