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is your skin in need of help? -

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-28
Skin care is a very important part of our lives, but we don\'t usually really think about it.
Will you leave your heart, liver or kidney unexamined?
Do you know that they are indispensable to your life and that you will fill them with harmful toxins?
Will you let them dry to the point where they can\'t work properly?
Of course you won\'t.
You know that these organs are very important to your health and actually to your life.
You can\'t work without these.
When you read this, people all over the world are on the transplant list for these organs.
An organ that you absolutely can\'t let go of, but what a lot of people don\'t think of is your skin.
Your skin is the largest and most protective organ in your body.
It is also an organ that cannot be transplanted like the above organs.
You get a set of birthday suits and your job is to keep it on top.
Both inside and outside, proper skin care will help you in millions of ways.
The most obvious thing for most people is your appearance.
To be honest, this is the least for you when your skin is able to work properly.
When your skin is healthy, it prevents bacteria from entering your body and works to remove toxins from your body.
These two things are very important to your overall health.
In order to get a healthy skin, you have to start from the inside.
Well, now that you know how important your skin is, you might want to know how to help it function best.
This is the place where a comprehensive internal and external skin care programme should be started.
Go and buy yourself a cup or a bottle of pure water before you read further (
At least 8 ounces).
When you read the rest, have a drink and you have taken the first step in helping the skin from the inside.
Internal moisture is essential for healthy skin, and in order to get internal moisture, you have to provide liquid to your body.
You need to drink at least 64 ounces of pure water and/or natural organic juice every day to help your body moisturize and clean.
The second thing you need to do is check your eating habits.
A balanced and healthy diet is essential for internal skin care.
What you eat is one of the most authentic statements I have ever heard.
When you put the right nutritional balance into your body, you get better results from it.
If you eat healthy food, your skin will become healthy.
Remember Omega 3 fatty acids.
Our bodies must have and cannot produce the necessary fatty acids.
You have to get your Omega fatty acids (the good fat)
From the food you eat
Food processing today (
Especially processed food)
We eat a lot of Omega 6 fatty acids, but Omega 6 fatty acids should be balanced with Omega 3 fatty acids.
In order to establish a balance between the two, you need to pay attention to your Omega 3 fatty acid intake.
Third, you need to start a campaign that will increase your heart rate for at least 20 minutes.
This will increase your blood circulation, bring liquid to your skin cells and remove toxins from the skin cells.
Sweat from exercise also pushes toxins and debris onto the surface of the skin, so it is easy to clean up after exercise.
Don\'t feel sad if you can\'t keep up with 20 minutes of strenuous exercise.
Set smaller goals and improve as you move forward.
For example, start with 7 minutes of exercise a day.
When your body does this easily, move it for 12 minutes, and so on.
If you are too harsh on yourself at the beginning, you are unlikely to turn it into a habit, so try to get into your workout plan and keep it for life.
When combined with a large amount of liquid and a healthy diet, you will be surprised at what impact this internal skin care will have on your overall look and feel.
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