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In a highly competitive market, Australian wine labels must be changed to attract the attention of drinkers. By Jeni Port.
Eyes will not deceive. They perceive.
When American wine writer Josh Raynolds turned his critic\'s attention to a bottle of South Australian shiraz --
The label looks like a poster for a Mexican wrestling match (below left)-
He saw the \"embarrassment\" of the Australian wine industry \".
When Sydney wine retailer Mike Benny of the best wine cellar looked at Luchador, he saw the \"creative\" and \"contemporary\" of Australian wines \".
I looked at Luchador (
Mexican name of wrestler, pronounced loo-char-door)
I saw the bank hold-up. It\'s the mask.
Dan Philips, California\'s grateful Taste
The head-based wine importer and the person behind the label walked through a bottle of Luchador, usually on the way to the bank, with a car of cash behind him.
This is because wine, like Lucado, bitch, Evil Avatar and SUXX-
All Australian red-
In the United States, tear up the wine list with wine lovers of a certain age. The reason?
They got the contemporary and creative look he was trying to achieve.
Most of these wine drinkers are between the ages of 25 and 30.
They listen to the music of Stone Rose, Eminem and Jay.
Z, that\'s probably why Philips chose the CD design team Morning Breath behind some of the world\'s largest music artists to create his label, including Luchador.
His motive isthe-
Comments by his warehouse manager (In their 30 s)
One day, he came to Philip\'s office and said his friends often drank beer while watching the Lakers, but had switched to wine.
\"Why don\'t you make us a glass of wine? \" he asked.
Philips recalled the story on his website.
Then he asked, \"What do you want to do ? \"
\"How much do you want to pay ? \"
The answer is \"big\", about $15 ($A23).
The man in the back house did not particularly want Australian wine.
He didn\'t want to know about the winemaker. Chris Ringland)
Or the grape variety, or what oak treatment it has (
12 months in France and the United States-
The older generation of wine lovers may ask questions.
What he got was a wine that, as stated on the back label, would \"slam your tongue \".
Perfect for enjoying Deep Purple, smelling the strong smell of blackberries and spices, and absorbing those long lasting, finegrain tannins . . .
The label of Australian wine is changing. It has to.
Label once considered cut
Edge no longer cuts it.
In Europe and the United States, wine drinkers are not just \"animals\" with our furry marsupial label, they are also disgruntled and may ask for a refund if possible.
\"At some point ,(Australian)
The industry seems to be paying more attention to labels than wine, \"the Wall Street Journal recently reported a story of high criticism of Australian wine.
The authors argue that as Australian wine labels become more and more cute, our wines also give up any camouflage on quality.
Competition has not become easier at home.
Australian wines compete with Spanish and Italian wines, both countries know how to enter.
Today, \"sexy Spanish\" is the head rhyme on everyone\'s lips, as if Antonio Banderas was in some way responsible for personally pressing grapes in each wine. \"Australian-
The Australian-based label designer was once considered the best in the world, \"said Paul Henry, general manager of market development for Australian wine and brandy, who is in charge of global wine marketing in Australia.
\"I think the labels of these animals have been overshadowed and in some cases it limits people\'s creativity.
American wine writer Josh Raynolds-
Remember, he was the one who despised the label of Lucado --
It is believed that Australian wine is now at risk of being finalized.
\"The last thing you should do is live up to stereotypes,\" he said . \".
So the Australian sun
The interesting zoo seems to have to go.
This may help if the typical sweet, high-alcoholic red also disappears.
We can only dream.
If Australian winemakers put more money into packaging and marketing, our image could soar?
What the eyes perceive can liberate our wallets. High-
It is reported that the master French perfume manufacturer who opened the wallet put 50% of the selling price of a bottle of perfume into packaging and marketing.
20% of champagne manufacturers
Spirits manufacturers reinvest £ 12%, £ 8% for breweries and £ 3% to £ 5% for winemakers.
If this is an option between a new French barrel or hiring a graphic designer, guess who the winner is?
But some producers are increasingly like Champenoise and Chanel.
Lassegren reinforcement-
It says wine maker All Saints Estate has used liqueur from Muscat and Tokai Museum, using a mix that dates back to 1920, a major remodel and recycling
\"We treat them as luxury goods,\" said chief executive Reca Brown . \" Her inspiration came from the famous cognac brand.
Brown chose the new 500-
Italian glass bottle-Italy
Compared to a very large, very expensive perfume bottle with a golden one in it --
Pourer-tin coated paper
And $1000.
\"That\'s how fortifications should be treated, like very special gems,\" she said.
\"Only 500 bottles will be released each year, mostly for sales in the United States.
At the beginning of next year, this grateful wine brought itself $1000 worth of wine.
It\'s no surprise that Dan Philip\'s Australian business partner is Chris lingeland, the winemaker, and this is Barossa Shiraz.
From the year of 2005, it will be limited-edition, hand-Bottle engraved.
Rachel Harvey, marketing manager, promised that the wine would \"expire\"deliver\".
Australian wines that want to swim in the same prestige pool as Europeans will definitely exceed-
High quality but super
The high-end market is small, and a large number of Australian wines are sold to the world and the country every day.
What is needed is to re-examine Australia\'s wine identity through the wine label.
Paul Henry of the Australian wine association knows fairly well.
\"We must find a feeling of courage and adventure,\" he suggested . \"
\"The typical feature of Australia is disrespect, not platitudes.
Interestingly, Australian wine used to scream these qualities on the bottle rack.
Once, it\'s easy for them to say \"three-foot test\".
You stand 3 feet in front of hundreds of bottles of wine with cash consumption and thirst.
What would you choose?
Courage, adventure, disrespect. . .
Such labels do exist.
The first batch of wines in the Barossa Valley brings an independent and exciting personality to all of its wines, whose names include breast milk, 2% and Mikia.
Husky Wine Company embrace modern (non-stereotypical)
Australian artwork is very good on the label, while the red head of McLaren Valley is on labels such as Viottolo, Whip hands and dogs in the yard.
You don\'t need to be a small boutique manufacturer to explore new areas.
Take a look at the bandit collection of Howton wines from the Australian Constellation wine company.
New member of the Mornington Peninsula underground brewers want to do crazy, disruptive things freely
Like durian with fruit from Swan Hill
Their labels must capture a departure from the mainstream.
\"What we are doing, I think, attracts the younger population;
For anyone looking for a bold and new story, however, it seems to go beyond that, \"said Peter stebin, an underground winemaker.
He refers to labels such as \"mob\" Pinot Noir, \"Dr. duriff\", \"taxi Merl Oh\" and \"Rose\"eh!
Designed by Ken Cato, a famous graphic artist in Melbourne.
Australian wine brands have been popular all over the world.
They reflect and reinforce our winemaking and philosophy.
They can do it again, but maybe that means starting with a blank canvas without any iconic images.
Marketers like V-\'s Rory Kent
I know I want to break the routine and create confusion.
\"Why do we even need to put words in front of the bottle? \" he asks.
Kent is the promoter of wine design, an annual event that matches a dozen art types --
Designer, chef, photographerwith well-
They can interpret and create their own wine brands according to their preferences.
At present, all this is done in the name of charity.
One day in the near future, you may stand in front of hundreds of bottles of wine with cash consumption and thirst, and one of the decorative bottles may be mixed together.
What would you choose?
Australian labelHip young things wild white 2008 language \"grab its horns and enjoy \". . .
The Hunter Valley verdelho, from bio-powered winemaker Krinklewood, doesn\'t value himself too much.
It\'s on the submarine. 25-year-
Packaging is so important that its modern look and lovely cover decor should work.
Old school Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen 2005 DurifThe gold embossed, highlighted gold and trophies showing bows and bold fonts, screaming \"old school \".
Stanton was established in 1875 with Kirin.
This is a solid family.
Small winemaker with elegant North
East Red Man and fortifications.
The brand is not affected by trends, fashion or worse, the arrival of new wine marketers.
Connoisseur Teusner 2006 \"Albert\" has \"big boy\" on the label, age-
The vines of the old Barossa Valley are the heart and soul of Teusner.
When presented to the printer for the first time, the design was questioned due to non-compliance with the \"Design Principles.
The label is firmly underestimated.
The wine itself says everything.
The classic Irene Hardy 2006 Chardonnay has seen some changes in the Irene Hardy Chardonnay label since its first year in 1984, and its latest incarnation has timeless classic charm.
Elegant White and delicate, indicating that the taste and price are very serious ($70).
Endangered species Yellow Tail 2007 ShirazTo us, this is just another bag animal, but a large number of drinkers in Europe and the United States fell in love with the furry charm of animals on labels such as yellow tail.
They were very interesting and attractive and shouted \"Australia\" at once \".
So is wine.
Now they are not that interesting (
Quote from an American writer)\"caricature\". Look-a-
Like the name of the Hoddles Creek Village \"1er Yarra Valley\" 2008 Black BlancOur wine from the castle and the label, imitating the style and antique French Prime Minister winery, Bordeaux (\"1er Cru\").
Here, the pinot blanc from the Yarra Valley carried out the Alsace style transformation on la Louis Sipp and joined the top cru classification. Femme-
Tastic Logan 2008 Hannah Rose Orange winemaker Peter Logan with his beautiful pink, Super
Label and wine for women.
Embroidered flower chains in pink and red represent Logan in the front.
Rocking to the back, Pete tells how he made roses for his wife Hannah on the wedding day. Aww . . .
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