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If you decide to buy a carpet you have to be ready

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-16
You have to know which is yours, because if you take the wrong one you may permanently damage not only the carpet, but your health. Some carpets are coated with protective layer an if you use the wrong detergent, toxic chemicals may spread. So no matter how light the detergent is before you even open it read the instructions on the back of the bottle. Open the windows and wear protective mask and gloves. Use green products or make your own cleaners. But I'm talking ahead again, let's start with the basics. Simple Steps. Follow Them And You Won't Have Any Problems Vacuum often, thoroughly and properly. At least twice a week is good and for the high traffic areas even three times. Don't glower it takes only ten minutes tops. You can put the small rugs in the washing machine if the fabric allows it. Regular vacuuming with the right cleaner prevents the growth of dust mites and doesn't allow dirt to build up. Take in mind that rigs and carpets accumulate 90% of all the grime in the house. If you want to live in a healthy environment you'll vacuum. Move furniture to access every part of the carpet. Every year it is good to rearrange the furniture, especially if you have heavy objects pushing your carpet. If you don't they'll most certainly damage the fibers. Get yourself some curtains, because direct sunlight also damages the carpet, making it look dull and discoloring it. Now the nightmare of all homeowners - stains. Treat them the moment they occur, the longer you wait the grater the risk becomes of making them permanent. Some other time I promise to tell you more about how to remove different kinds of stains. The principle is almost the same, the difference is in the detergents you use and the ingredients. I'll also tell you how to make your own cleaning solutions with commonly used kitchen supplies. For now all you need to know is you can seek assistance from a cleaning company. They work fast and good.
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