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hrtc volvo: buy your own water before boarding hrtc volvo buses | shimla news - times of india

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-13
Shimla: State government
Hrhrtc announced that entertainment facilities and blankets were provided to passengers on the Volvo bus as early as a year ago, but passengers complained that they did not even have drinking water, let alone other facilities promised.
One passenger complained that during his journey from Shimla to Delhi, he only got half a liter of water, which was not enough for such a long journey.
Passenger Dev Ashish Bhattacharya, after complaining to the national minister of transport, G. S. Bali, also obtained information based on the rrti on why one liter of packaged water was not provided to passengers.
He said that after boarding the HRTC Volvo bus from Simla to Delhi, he got half
A liter of water bottle in Carnal
I ate half of it-
When I asked for half more
The ticket seller apparently refused to say that he did not have any surplus in stock.
He added that I spoke to the Minister of Transport, G. S. Bali, and that he was not able to resolve the issue either.
Bhattacharya said that in neighboring countries of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan;
While traveling on the Volvo bus, the National Road offers passengers a liter of branded water bottles.
Even the Shatabadi train from Delhi to Calca and other destinations will provide passengers with a liter of water bottles, he said.
He claims that they will also provide additional water bottles without hesitation, upon request.
Bhattacharya said that he submitted an rrti application for information related to the enforcement of the water bottle rules.
Information shows that early HPMC used to supply half-liter bottles to HRTC at a speed of RS 7. 83 per bottle.
However, a tender was submitted by the procurement board to obtain the price of one and 500 ml bottles of mineral water.
There are only two companies participating in the bidding, and only one company with qualified technology.
The company\'s financial offer is Rs 8.
75 rupees per 500 ml bottles. 12.
Water bottle 09 per liter.
The procurement board rejected the company\'s offer on the grounds that HPMC was supplied at a price of Rs 7.
83 bottles of mineral water per bottle and decided to continue buying from HPMC.
He added that the information showed that the HRTC decided not to provide a liter of bottles to passengers of the Volvo bus service company, and there was no documented reason to make this decision.
All of this, according to Bhattacharya, indicates that HRTC is working to save Rs 4.
26 bottles per bottle, 500 ml bottles for passengers.
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