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how to melt wine bottles into a cheese tray

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-16
Bottles, water bottles and other glass bottles used in the trash can be cycled into many useful glassware that can be used, enjoyed and presented as a gift.
This tutorial will explain how to melt the wine bottle using the classic hot glass collapse technique, and then slide the melted glass into a cheese tray, a butter tray, or a platter.
Remove the label from wine, water or other bottles.
Wash the bottle and pay attention to handling it as little as possible after cleaning.
Fingerprints may leave oil residue and become unattractive spots after burning.
Put the bottle in the glass melting kiln you prepared with kiln wash or fiber paper.
Procedures and guidance for glass melting kiln of fire wine: oblique °F/HR target temperature keep AFAP month 500 month 1100 month 250 month 1300 month 1475 month (Watch plummeted)
4 AFAP 960 30 5 150 750 0 bottles should have been poured down to form a pallet shape.
Before removing the bottle from the kiln, allow the glass to cool to room temperature.
To create decorative patterns on the glass of the cheese tray platter, apply the design to the dropped wine bottle with resistance.
Etched glass bottles and decorated with acid or sandblasting.
Remove the anti-wash and clean the glass tray.
If you don\'t know how to etching, see how our eHows etching glass beads at, or how to sand-blast the glass at, or click on the link in the Resources section of this article.
Use your jewelry making tool to decorate the neck of the bottle with wires and beads if needed.
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