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How to keep it clean vacuum cup

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-25
We know which enable more and more loved by people, but the glass cleaning problems has been overlooked. On the surface looks clean, if you don't often clean the glass, which may contain a lot of bacteria. Just like our skin looks very clean actually contains a lot of junk in pore, so easy to acne. Like tea cup is often there will be the dirt, and tea scale contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals, which cause serious damage to our health. And close female friend in the residue of lipstick is also easy to absorption of harmful substances in the air and pathogens. So the vacuum cleaner becomes heavy and heavy. Because the temperature is different from general cup, his capacity may be larger than general glass, especially some wide mouth pot, travel pot, are relatively large, is also quite deep, so general is not very good cleaning. Like a normal travel travel people like take thermos flask, use it to make tea, can drink hot tea, but the cup is more easy to dirty. Clean problem has become a big problem, if we just casually wash with water that is not enough, a lot of dirt adsorption on the glass. That how to remove the dirt or oil? We are a good way to teach you a few action decontamination: 1, squeeze some toothpaste brush brush back and forth on the inner wall of the cup, 2, 3 swab with broken egg shells, friction with sponge dipped in salt and can be easily removed to 4, the potato skin scrub, can deserve to go up toothpaste brush is better, the final rinse under, the most main is the clean and economic security can be at ease, not like a normal detergent is by chemical synthesis, and degreasing effect is very good. Do not cover the lid, after washing dry to avoid vacuum stunk. If is a friend of love tea, and travel frequently, I suggest you use our this kind of tea cup, because often drink tea with vacuum cup, the cup is easy to dirty, often clean is not very convenient, especially for traveling. There is also one of the most major characteristic is, he can achieve convenient tea separation function, we know that some people who is proficient in the tea ceremony, concentration of tea, high temperature requirement, we can easy to do this. Because it's a function, also cleverly solved the vacuum bubble tea bad problem for heat preservation.
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