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how to decorate glass bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-20
Making your own decorative bottles is a fun hobby and a great way to decorate weddings, parties and even family businesses.
Decorative glass bottles and jars can be used in perfume bottles, herbal and vinegar bottles, honey storage cans, containers for homemade oyster water.
You design your bottle to mimic antique bottles or create a bottle that reflects the color of your home. Paint on free-
Use a hand board or template.
The arts and crafts store specializes in selling paint and marks for glass, including beautiful metal materials and materials rising above the surface of the glass, looking like Leads in antique colored glass that connect different glass colors.
For some, bake them according to instructions to keep the paint permanently and cleanproof. Use rub-
About the transfer of paper.
Transparent friction
Ons of scrapbooks and crafts stores.
Stick to them according to the instructions attached to the package--
This usually requires a burnish.
Stick to them in any mode.
Peel off and cover friction using thin, transparent laminated film provided by the craft store
Make it waterproof.
Label bottles and stickers.
Using the thin transparent laminated film provided by the craft store, once the sticker is placed on the bottle, it is possible to peel and cover it to make it waterproof.
Paste the cut with a pattern.
If the top of your glass bottle is wide enough to carry no food or liquid inside, you can put a cut image on it so you can see them from the outside.
Cut images from wrapping paper or other sources.
With a sponge, the paint model Podge found in the craft shop, in front of your cut image.
Attach the image to the inside of the bottle or jar so you can see it from the outside of the bottle.
Let the image inside the bottle dry and cover the back to seal further.
Dry and repeat. Glue-
On decorative items
Buttons, jewelry and other planes
The decorations on the back can be glued directly and permanently to the glass bottle.
Craft shops also sell this glue, as well as many cheap decorations to use with glass.
Label with ribbon or metal wire.
It can be useful or decorative to stick on the bottle label.
Find floral trinkets, beads or cheap pendants in beading, hobbies or crafts shops, string them together with ribbons or attractive ropes and tie them to glass bottles.
Paint outside the lid with food-
Safety paint is used if used for consumables.
The paint is painted in sparkling metal, bright color or soft color.
If the cover is large enough, the cover can also be decorated most of the way with the above glass.
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