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how to cut glass bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-19
I showed 3 ways to cut glass bottles.
One with a rope, one with a glass cutter, and one with a homemade bottle cutter.
After trying it a few times, it became very easy to cut the bottle.
You can make wine glasses, lights, vases and many other things with cut bottles.
The first method is to wrap the bottle with a rope and then soak it in a flammable liquid.
When the bottle rotates, the rope is lit when the flame is extinguished, and the bottle is put into cold water.
This caused the bottle to break where the rope was.
Make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions so you don\'t get hurt.
The second method is to use a glass cutter to fix it on the object you want to cut the height of the bottle.
The glass cutter is fixed in place and the bottle is rotated to give it a horizontal score line.
Then, when the bottle rotates, the score line on the bottle is kept on the flame.
After the bottle is heated, rub an ice cube on the score line.
After a while, the bottle cracked.
The third method uses a bottle cutter that can be purchased or homemade.
When the bottle rotates around the glass cutter, the bottle cutter holds the bottle in place and gives it an even fractional line.
It can be adjusted depending on where you want to cut the bottle.
I used homemade.
The same method is used to break the bottle used in the second method.
How do I make a glass bottle cutter :(
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