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how to crush glass bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-19
Some states charge residents a few cents for each drink they buy in a glass bottle, hoping to encourage them to recycle the bottle to recover the money.
Residents of states without bottles
There are more environmental laws.
Their old glass bottles are more friendly than throwing them in the recycle bin.
Use the tools you already have around the house to crush your glass bottles and recycle the glass for other projects.
Use broken glass for craft or construction work.
Wear protective eyes and work gloves.
Slide a glass bottle into one leg of a pair of jeans.
Tie the bottle to the trouser leg close to the top and bottom of the bottle.
Hit the bottle as gently as possible with a hammer while still using enough force to break the bottle and break the bottle into pieces.
Do this several times until any part of the bottle is not in its original state;
You can see this by looking at the shape of the trouser leg.
Break the bottle five to 10 times with brick stom.
You don\'t need to throw it in the air from a few feet, just click on its trouser leg from a few inches away.
The weight of the brick can do most of the work.
Cover the whole tie-
The off part of the trouser leg is uniform.
Do so until there is no large bottle;
The trousers will be flat.
Roll five to 10 times on your trouser legs with a rolling pin.
Apply the pressure on the needle roller evenly and firmly to completely crush the glass.
Unlock the bottom of the leg while keeping the leg flat.
Place the end of the trouser leg in a bowl and slowly pour the broken glass into the bowl.
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