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How to choose which enable

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-12
Cup pot type of insulation products generally divided into vacuum plated stainless steel and mercury glass inner pot, vacuum stainless steel mainly adopts vacuum technology to achieve heat preservation, mercury plating of the glass and some of the inner pot, moisturizing and thermos similar principle. Like a normal glass vacuum cup and violet arenaceous vacuum cup, although called vacuum cup, but it is hard to realize, effect is not good, we are now the choose and buy of vacuum stainless steel thermos flask to introduce them to everyone. ( 1) The label or instructions of the cup in the first place. General regular products manufacturers will have to write the model number of the people, the name, volume number, material, production address, manufacturer, standard, after-sales, using methods and so on. If none of that there is a problem. ( 2) From the appearance of the vacuum cup to identify. A look at the inner and outer bravery surface polishing is uniform, is there a bruised and scratched or burr; 2 see if mouth welding smooth, this is related to whether feel comfortable when drinking; Three see whether internal seal tightly, plug, and matches the cup body; Four overflow, the round the better, not mature process will appear round. ( 3) Performance: first, twist the lid, the lid and cup body perfectly, and then add boiling water in the cup, It is best to water) Two or three minutes, then put the cup upside down, to see whether there will be water seepage. ( 4) Because heat preservation measure: stainless steel vacuum keep-warm glass USES is vacuum insulation technology, in vacuum condition, can be done to prevent heat transfer to the world, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. So to test for stainless steel vacuum keep-warm glass insulation effect just put the boiled water into a cup, two or three minutes, hand to touch the glass parts, see it's hot, which parts if fever, the temperature will be lost from that place. Like a place at the top there will be a slight fever is belong to the normal situation. ( 5) Other plastic parts recognition: vacuum plastic should be used in the food grade, the small plastic smell, surface brightness, no burr, long service life is not easy to aging. And ordinary plastic or recycled plastic smell great, colour and lustre is the feature of gray, burr, plastic aging more easy to fracture, stink after a long time. This will not only can make the vacuum cup shortened lifespan, a threat to the health of our body. ( 6) Capacity detection: because the temperature is double, so which enable the actual capacity and we can see there will be some discrepancy. See first which enable the depth of the inner and outer height is generally low, General 18 - 22mm) , many small factory in order to reduce costs, often in the material aspects that might affect the capacity of the cup. ( 7) Stainless steel vacuum cup material identification: there are many different kinds of stainless steel material, the stainless steel materials containing 18% chromium, 18/8 said 8% nickel, achieve this standard material, accord with national food grade standards are green environmental protection product, the product rust and corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup ( Pot) Body cup body appears pale or dark color, if in a concentration of 1% saline soak for 24 hours after can produce rusty spot, its part of the element to exceed bid, directly endanger human body health. When consumers buy many times also note which enable not only see appearance, or name, and looking at whether the specifications marked for heat preservation, now many cup pot of product appearance generous, novel styles, like a vacuum cup, but actually no heat preservation, consumers only by the impression of vacuum cup and subjective thought is vacuum cup. So don't make such a small mistake, must look at the instructions.
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