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How to choose keep-warm glass as gifts?

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-21
In modern business activities, giving each other a thermos flask of exquisite packaging, has increasingly become a business gift link is the ethos of a trend. Because of the cup, and & other Throughout my life &; Homophonic, send high quality glass, represents a lifetime of friendship, therefore, is not only between friends, lovers, is between business partners and partner, also send each other keep-warm glass to wish each other, added dense air for the days of each other. As one of the most common desk drinking utensils, everyone waiting for vacuum cup can represent its obvious features. With vacuum cup as the trend of environmental protection new thermos flask, reflects the city gens going to work in time to follow along with the gender of the natural life of longing, also represents the high quality days waiting. And use it as a business gifts or other use, also showed a very broad market audience high praise. In fact, some companies need printed on some information on the acquisition of batch vacuum cup, this is the so-called keep-warm glass is able to complete customization. Temperature is established on the basis of the vacuum flask, its work principle is the same, only you to facilitate the larger made the convenience with the vacuum cup, vacuum flask vacuum cup silver cup bile can reflect the hot water radiation, vacuum cup bile and cup body can block the heat transfer, and less prone to the bottle can prevent heat convection heat transfer, vacuum and then you won't feel the temperature of the hot water in use.
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