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How to choose better correct vacuum cup

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-21
Vacuum cup is an essential part of our usual always one of the articles for daily use, the invention of the vacuum cup brings us a lot of convenience, it is because the temperature is practical, vacuum cup into our homes, because the temperature of continuous innovation, vacuum cup now can not only heat preservation but also cold, it brings us more convenience, to have the cooling effect in summer, but we are popular in vacuum cup together, have you ever thought in acquisition time how to detect the vacuum cup is qualified? If you buy the unqualified continue that is not biased! Today let's together to listen to the tiger vacuum teach us how to action! The first: insulation test for vacuum keep-warm glass of chosen is vacuum insulation technology, in vacuum condition, can be done to prevent the effect of heat transfer to the world, and then reach the effect of heat preservation. So to test the vacuum keep-warm glass insulation effect will be 100 degrees of boiling water into the cup, two or three minutes, hand to touch the vacuum keep-warm glass parts, see it's hot, which parts if fever, the temperature will be lost from the local. As head of the local there will be a fine fever is normal. Second: first twist the lid sealing test, see if lid and bowl full compliance with, and then participate in boiling water in the cup, The best is boiling water) , and then the cup upside down two to three minutes, see if there will be water seepage. Third: make the vacuum in vacuum plastic plastic parts are food grade, about the plastic smell is small, the surface, no burr, using full length is not easy to aging. While the characteristics of the plastic or recycled plastic smell is large, colour and lustre is dim, burr, plastic aging more brief craze, stink after a long time. This not only can make a good vacuum keep-warm glass shortened, will be taken to the health of our body attack. Fourth: capacity testing for vacuum keep-warm glass is double, so practice capacity of the cup and we can see there will be some discrepancy. Look at the depth of the vacuum keep-warm glass tank and outer height is generally low, General 18 - 22mm) , many small factory in order to reduce costs, often in the material aspects that are likely to affect the capacity of vacuum keep-warm glass. Fifth: stainless steel materials to identify the stainless steel material type heavy and complicated, with 18/8 marked the stainless steel materials containing 18% chromium, nickel, 8% reach the standard of material, accord with national food grade standards are green environmental protection products, goods rust and corrosion resistance. General stainless steel material to present pale or dark color, if in a concentration of 1% saline soak after 24 hours will be rusty spot, its contains some elements to exceed bid, directly endanger human body health.
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