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High-grade temperature and average temperature difference between:

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-23
High temperature and average temperature difference: we are all in daily use at ordinary times may be exposed to all kinds of quality in the process of vacuum cup, but because of China's domestic consumption level is limited, so the quality of the vacuum cup is uneven also, how to identify the quality of the vacuum cup high-grade or not specific about several aspects: 1: look, first of all with the eyes, the color and texture of vacuum cup can use eyes to observe the first overall feel for the first time, because the quality of the products with paint or the instinctive quality of stainless steel products is very soft, do not stimulate your eyes. 2: touch, it is by hand to touch, good vacuum cup when you contact with the hand, feel is very good, smooth and comfortable feeling, also can feel self quality by hand contact. 3: listen, through open the lid of the vacuum cup on the inside of the ears to hear the sound, the greater the echo of the thermal insulation effect is better. 4: feel the detail perfect, good vacuum cup whole details are very the attention, more meticulous work of what degree, including many parts of the human nature design also are in place.
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