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Hello, my name is Bruce and I just wanted to share

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-25
After considering a few brands, I came a brand that I recognised from a rice cooker that my housemate had years ago. It was Zojirushi which I believe is a Japanese company. Now I needed something that could be used outdoors and last being thrown around. This was important because I camp on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, which is in the sunny state of Queensland. I go to the beach frequently as it's near the camp site. It can get very warm there, so the thermos bottle needed to have good temperature control for both hot and cold beverages. I found a range of models that Zojirushi advertised as stainless steel vacuum bottles on their website. There was a particular range called the Tuff Sports which was perfect for what I was looking for in a thermos bottle. I ordered the SF-CC20 which is the largest model they had, seeing it could hold a massive two litres. As soon as I got my bottle, I used it to keep my water cool for hours, even in the excessive heat. It was great to leave on a towel on the beach, and come back to ice cold drinking water after a swim. It comes with a carrying strap which let me hold it over one shoulder, making carrying it even when full quite easy. I'm a big boy though, but the smaller sizes still hold over a litre each, which might be better suited to your size. The lid doubles as a cup, which means you don't need to bring one. The bottle does use a button pouring system however, which takes a little while to get use to. It can sometimes be annoying to use if you're really thirsty. When it came to the coffee, I brewed an entire two litres and drank it at night while reading. I was happy to find that even the next day the coffee was perfectly drinkable and still hot. Zojirushi Thermos bottles have excellent heat retention and I think it could easily keep a beverage drinkable for over 48 hours. I'll have to do more testing when I go camping for a week. Another little thing I like is the stainless steel coating, which is easy to clean stains off in case of spills. The lid I feel confident will not leak, which is great when you just want to throw it into a bag or backpack. The Tuff Sports SF-CC/20 definitely fulfilled what I was looking for in a thermos container. If you are looking for one, especially for outdoor type activities I would recommend at least checking them out. I'm happy with my purchase so far, so I'll continue to evaluate the bottle over the next few months. I hope you enjoyed my review.
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