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gun control debate sweeps up an outdoor brand’s other products

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-16
The national debate on gun control is sweeping through bicycle helmets and water bottles.
REI and Mountain Equipment
Op, the two outdoor retail chains that are also customer cooperatives, said on Thursday that they suspended hot merchandise orders from companies with Vista Outdoor brands, for example, Bell bicycle helmet and CamelBak water bottle will also be attacked because of Vista. style rifles.
The move marks an escalation in the stance taken by businesses in the controversial gun debate following the shooting at Parklands school in Florida over the past week.
17 students and staff were killed last month.
The wave of reaction began late last week when companies cut ties with the National Rifle Association, when Dick\'s Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart and Kroger announced changes to their gun policies, the response included stopping selling guns to customers under the age of 21.
Late Thursday, Los Angeles. L.
Bean joined the retail peers and announced that the minimum age for buying weapons or ammunition at my Freeport flagship store was 21.
It\'s the only company selling guns.
After this shooting, we have reviewed our gun sales policy and we will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21.
The positions of REI and Mountain Equipment also indicate that there is an increasing number of goods and products under review in the gun debate.
In recent years, Vista Outdoors, like other leading gun manufacturers, has acquired brands unrelated to its core firearms or ammunition business.
These acquisitions are in part to diversify their revenue streams, as gun sales, especially in the past year of President Trump\'s administration, have fallen sharply, but it\'s also about reinventing or emphasizing connections to a wider range of outdoor activities.
Vista Outdoor\'s inventory fell by 7 on Friday.
The market closed 3%.
In February, the company reported that revenue from its gun and ammunition business fell more than 20% in the most recent quarter.
But the sales of its outdoor products group (which accounts for about half of its sales, including brands such as Camp Chef outdoor cooking products, Bollé glasses and Jimmy Stykes paddleboard) have not grown much.
Similarly, US outdoor brand Smith & Wesson said on Thursday that its gun sector\'s revenue fell by 40.
6%, revenue from outdoor products and accessories increased by 13. 4 percent.
In the statement, REI said it believed that the work of the company that manufactured and sold guns and ammunition was to \"try to find common sense solutions to prevent violence in Florida last month.
REI said it was disappointed that Vista did not propose a way to find these solutions.
After several days of active discussion, Vista said it learned that Vista did not intend to make a public statement outlining a clear plan of action.
\"Therefore, we decided to keep future orders for products that Vista sells through REI, while evaluating the benefits of Vista,\" the company said . \".
\"The company shows that they can contribute if they are willing to lead.
We encourage Vista to do so.
Vista did not respond to emails seeking comments, nor did it make any public response to the retailer\'s decision.
But one of its brands, CamelBak, tried to keep a distance from Vista\'s gun sales business, arguing in a statement that, buying any of our products may support a cause that does not meet our brand\'s mission/value is \"an incorrect assumption.
\"CamelBak was founded in 1989 and is popular with athletes for its packaging that allows athletes to replenish water without their hands, as well as colorful water bottles.
In 2015, Vista acquired the company for $0. 412 billion.
\"Our brand belongs to our company\'s Outdoor products division, which operates separately from Vista Outdoor\'s shooting sports division,\" the company said in a statement . \".
The department produces all kinds of guns, including AR-15-style rifles.
On social media, some people believe that resisting brands such as CamelBak and Giro will only hurt people who produce high quality products.
Others accused REI of mixing business with politics.
But retailers are forced to respond to growing demand for weapons on the Internet.
On Twitter and Facebook, countless companies related to brands owned by gun lobby groups or gun manufacturers are spreading lists and petitions widely, urging customers to boycott and retailers to give up.
\"I only found out a week ago that the CamelBak water bottle and Bushnell telescope I bought for my 10-year-old --year-
The elderly who like to watch birds are not only associated with gun lobby groups, but also with companies that make offensive weapons, \"said Sarah Rata, 39. year-
Three old mothers working in the provincial government of Ontario.
\"It\'s incredibly disturbing.
\"Sunday night, madam.
Rata filed a petition for change.
Mountain equipment is required to stop selling brands owned by Vista Outdoors.
It soon attracted more than 50,000 signatures.
The equipment on the mountain was caught off guard.
The cooperative has long looked for ethical sources and products with sustainable environment for its 5 million members.
Since numerous acquisitions have taken place in the field of outdoor supplies in recent years, it has not focused on who owns these companies and brands at present.
\"The ownership links to these products have surprised us,\" David Labistour, chief executive of Mountain Equipment, said in an interview Friday afternoon.
After reading through petitions and emails and more than 70,000 comments on Twitter and Facebook pages within two days, the mountain device reached out to Vista to remind the company, it will suspend further orders for the five Vista brands carried by the retailer.
The store will continue to sell its existing inventory.
\"Our overall purpose is to make all the brands we deal with an advocate for a dialogue on reasonable and safe ownership of guns,\" he said . \"
Labistour, who grew up hunting on his farm in South Africa.
\"They are in a difficult place, though.
They have two very different groups of stakeholders.
A public letter sent to members of mountain equipment company on Thursday
Labistour said the decision would not satisfy everyone, noting that \"there are as many people expressing their opinions as there are people expressing them. ”Mr.
Labistour said that when it comes to consumer activism, he is rather cynical, pointing out that there is often a gap or disconnect between what consumers say on Twitter that they will do and what they actually do.
But he thinks the movement is different.
\"We see the industry coming together and I believe we can have some impact in starting a conversation about proper possession and use of guns ,\"Labistour said.
\"When it comes to sales attacks --
Style and military
Gun rating, dialogue is needed now.
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