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government considering plastic bottle deposit scheme to increase recycling and reduce litter

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-22
The government is considering a deposit plan for plastic bottles, which is expected to be announced next week.
Such a plan will add a small, refundable fee to the product that can be recovered by emptying to the \"reverse vending machine.
In addition to plastic beverage bottles, this fee can also be charged for glass bottles and aluminum cans.
According to the Daily Mail, environment minister Michael Gove commissioned research to levy taxes on bottles and cans to reduce waste, increase recycling and reduce waste.
A government source said that although no deposit plan has yet been decided, the plan is currently being considered.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
The number of plastic waste produced in the UK will grow fifth by the end of the next decade, and the number of beverage bottles will increase by 9 percentage points, the warning said.
Another government report predicts that unless action is taken, the amount of plastic in the world\'s oceans will double in a decade.
The findings prompted activists to call for action on plastic waste, not only for individuals, but also for businesses and governments.
Tanya Steele, president of WWF, said \"incentives are needed to help people and businesses make the right choices to reduce, reuse and recycle \".
According to The Post, a leaked report said that the deposit plan will increase the collection rate of plastic bottles from about 60 cents to more than 85 cents.
It can also reduce garbage from bottles and cans by at least 70, the report said.
In order to encourage consumers to return their empty money, the deposit must be at least 15 p, experts say.
The United States and Norway are among the countries that have made deposit plans for beverage bottles and beverage cans.
In some countries where these measures are being taken, the recovery rate of plastic bottles has exceeded 90 per cent.
The Environmental Audit Committee said last year in a report calling for the introduction of bottle deposits nationwide that the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the UK has stagnated in recent years.
The news that the government is considering the introduction of a deposit return plan has been welcomed by environmental organizations.
\"Michael Gove has the opportunity to roll out an effective deposit return system to help reduce the amount of plastic that is ultimately produced in our environment,\" said Elena Polisano, a marine activist at Greenpeace UK.
\"But this is not a symbolic effort for the deposit return plan.
\"It has to include all plastic bottles, glass bottles and beverage cans and spread them out in stores across the UK.
The public wants it, and businesses want it. this is already happening in Scotland, so our government should be ready to achieve this.
Additional reports from PA.
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