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Goodwill is the name of the game on all levels

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-07
Reaching the masses can be done as easily as mailing them all a calendar. The calendar goes by the phone in many rooms so when they need whatever it is your selling, you're half-way there if your phone number is visible within range of the phone. Getting orders and repeat orders can be done with business giveaways as small as fridge magnets or bottle openers. New business owners are optimists by nature, eager to get out a message, deliver a product or service in an impressive fashion, but they must overcome the negativity and passivity of the herd somehow to inspire the urge to buy. Spending money cheers you up if you can afford to spend it so the number one job is to find depressed people with adequate funds to get happy again. I would first try the bars and the offer of music. Perhaps sponsor a karaoke night and hand out beer mugs or t-shirts emblazoned with the company logo. If they are attending a bar then they have some disposable income for drinks and whatever the bar is passing around as nutrition. Chances are a good percentage of them can use your product so you'll get a conversion rate well worth your investment. But what if your budget is limited and the crowd is moving fast, say at a mall? You might consider pens or calendars that have a good chance to be looked at and used on a daily basis, reminding the prospect of your phone number. People tend to use free pens liberally so if they're the less expensive type of customized promotional pens, encourage people to take a few in the hopes that they get left around offices and handed out to friends. Like planting seeds, if you scatter enough around something should grow. Personalized coffee travel mugs are infinitely useful goodwill business items that are often in plain sight like all good advertising signs should be. If the budget lets you order stainless steel mugs to give away to your special customers, all the better. That kind of business giveaway will establish you as classier than the next guy, increasing the odds of obtaining future sales. Your company should have their logo on some custom t-shirts to give to employees and clients at events like baseball games and picnics. During slow economic times people appreciate having things handed out without the normal erosion of coins that goes on all day. The neighborly, old-fashioned approach of handing someone a gift is a gesture that goes a long way.
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