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give me an eau... but don\'t make it on tap

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-07
We Irish drink 0. 12 billion liters of bottled water every year, but is there any difference between expensive brands and our home\'s plumbing drinking water? Although the rainfall is high, our desire for expensive bottled water does not seem to be suppressed.
Despite the free injection of safe drinking water into every family in the country, many of us are prepared to spend heavily on bottled versions.
According to the latest data, sales of bottled water in Ireland have risen to more than 0. 12 billion liters per year.
In the UK, the annual sales of bottled water are also large, exceeding 1 billion. 1. 45 billion), a 70-
Doubled 20 years ago.
According to a recent paper written by two psychiatrists, the reason for this increase is that people are forced to buy bottled water for fear of modern life. Advertisers -
Most labels
Promises to obtain \"pure\" products from \"unspoiled\" sources.
Many people promise that it will restore energy and improve its health.
A brand, blue water, claimed to have eliminated \"negative memories\" and replaced it with \"beneficial energy patterns \".
More than 20 per liter, supplied by Brown Thomas.
In order to keep healthy, we should drink two liters of water every day!
But according to Professor Keith Petrie of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Professor Simon Wessely of the Institute of Psychiatry at King gay and St. Thomas Medical School in London, the boom in bottled water is driven by public distrust.
Two academics said in an article that the marketing of bottled water has taken advantage of our concerns about the health of the modern world.
\"Bottled water is a natural antidote to risky and dangerous chemicals and technologies --
Genetically modified foods, radiation, harmful drugs and harmful viruses.
\"When Geoff Read launched Ballygowan branded bottled water in Ireland in 1981, many predicted that the cause would fail.
But he is the right person at the right time in the right place, and now Ballygowan is the market leader after a series of ownership changes and has succeeded in the export market.
Today, dozens of brands of bottled water are on sale.
\"There is water everywhere now.
It has become a modern fashion and health accessory as ubiquitous as a mobile phone.
Students have bottles in their bags or in front during class hours, people jog with water, and office staff can get the bottles easily.
\"The rise of water as a health product is supported by concerns about modern life,\" the professor said . \".
The latest market strategy is that if you can forgive this expression and make the purity of the product turbid with very special additives that convert a bottle of ordinary old carbon dioxide into \"water medicine \", these water medicines are purchased and consumed for their healing power.
Nestlé\'s Contrex bottled water contains traces of calcium and magnesium, which are said to be able to lose weight, eliminate toxins and reduce fatigue.
Lakeland Willow Spring contains a natural trace of Salicin, an active ingredient in aspirin, and Fiji water contains silica, a cosmetic supplement that is said to be important to the skin and hair.
The producers of Volvic claim that their water provides \"unique and uplifting contact with nature itself\", while the producers of the Kabbalah Mountain Spring Water swear that it is a way to absorb the drink
It\'s okay, Madonna swears.
But we recruited David Wheeler, chief wine buyer for O\'Brien wine, is there really such a big difference between bottled water of different brands
It is said that the franchise group has one of Ireland\'s best tastes, as well as a young \"civilian\" Connor Holland, who works for the group, tasting nine bottles of water purchased from the general supermarket, there are also examples of direct drinking water and filtration of tap water.
The tasting was carried out under strict winetasting rules.
All bottles are individually packed in opaque packaging and each cup of water is poured into a numbered glass before the taste enters the room.
We sat at different tables and did not discuss until all 11 waters were sampled and wrote our comments.
It is worth noting that each of us found the unfiltered and filtered Dublin tap water directly.
Neither David nor I needed to taste the chemical smell.
What\'s more, one of us really likes it!
Conor Holland, the youngest member of the group, found the two old songs \"refreshing\" in his early 20 s, sorry, two mature group members hated it, said David Wheeler, \"pool water as close as possible \".
To be fair, Connor did add the rider and he thought it did \"leave a feeling behind the throat \". The Brita-
The filtered tap water is also easy to identify, and all three of us find it still has chemical composition.
A bottle containing Volvic (1. 30, 2L)
As suggested on the label, neither Connor nor I have found it to fill us with \"natural Sparks of volcanoes \".
On the other hand, David found it \"a chalk character full of charm \".
These are the necessities (1. 45, 75cl)
A water that passes through the ion separation process, apparently helps to detoxify faster.
All three of us found this one fresh and vibrant because of its bright and clean taste and it was my favorite nine.
I like the third sample but others hate it and David detected a sample
Put a little sweet melon in it.
No wonder, Beirut ·(50c, 50cl)
Importing an exotic place of origin from Turkey seems to be a strange conceited.
David and Connor both found the next one, Ballygowan (1. 38, 1. 5L)
Neutral, no outstanding character, but I prefer it. Tipperary (1. 25, 1. 5L)
However, the fifth sample only got a vote from David as a refreshing drink.
I describe the seventh mineral water, deep river rock (1. 35, 1. 5L)
Although Connor didn\'t think it was great, David agreed.
He is going to be big next time. Salicin is in Lakeland Willow water spring water (2. 29, 1. 5L)
So did David.
However, I found it had a greasy taste and didn\'t like it.
Tesco Slievenamon (3. 79 for 1. 5L six-pack)
Glass number nine is a hot topic for the three of us, especially David, who did his best in voting.
The last bottled water is Evian (1. 69, 2L)
Described by me as \"up-
Conor calls it \"refreshing\" and David likes its balance and mineral features.
It can be clearly seen from the taste that there are very obvious differences between different brands, and the taste of water is very subjective.
People should really try some of them to decide which one is best for their taste
But for those with more refined taste, it may be a good idea to stay away from tap water.
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