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by:ER Bottle     2020-01-12
It is important to keep moisture when you exercise.
Of course, you can just take a $3 plastic water bottle out for a run, but now you can also buy a custom bottle to supplement your sport, your music, even your hygiene requirements.
Here are some new shapes, materials, techniques and accessories that will help you keep up with the trend.
750-safe water use anywhere
Ml bottle with water
Built-in purification capin, bacteria-
Kill ultraviolet rays in 60 seconds and create drinkable water for hiking, international travel and daily exercise.
LCD countdown timer and USB charging cable are included.
Like: safe water becomes simple.
Just fill it up with water, press the UV button and stir.
Kill 99 people by light
Bacteria, viruses and native animals accounted for 9%.
Package includes 1. 6-
Oz purifier, suitcase and standard cap.
The estimated life of the filter is 10,000 purification cycles, which will purify about 80 bottles of water between charging.
I don\'t like it: the price of water bottles is high (
But cheap for peace of mind). Heavy, 7-ounce cap.
It is not suitable to put in the cage of bicycle bottle. --
No plastic pollution.
The oz glass bottle is wrapped in silicone sleeves with a flip cover on the top and handle for the gym and workplace.
Like: The benefits of combining glass--
Pure Taste, clean and convenient-
Damaged protection
It does not crack when the flexible silicone sleeve is tilted or dropped.
Dislike: it is not suitable to be placed in the cage of the bicycle bottle, 1 pound heavy, five times the size of the bottle like --
Plastic water bottle size. --Hydro-phoneA double-sided, easy-to-
Clean water bottle combined with hand strap and iPhone-iPod pocket.
Like: Keep the essentials handy in hand during any event.
Zipper pockets include holes in the headphone jack and thin plastic windows that allow a fairly normal touch
Screen operation.
I don\'t like it: the pocket is tight. Larger phones (
Like Samsung Galaxy S)do not fit.
With the phone, there is a space for up to one car key and one credit card. --
Hanging on a water hookshaped 13-
Oz bottle, can grab the inside of the practitioner\'s belt without hydration, allowing you to hold it with your hand
Free when running or lifting weights. Like: it works.
When hanging on the Comfort Belt, the bottle is placed on the hips and will not turn over even in the case of high speed operation.
Curved, not noticeable, 1. 5-inch-
The wide lower part fits your skin so comfortably that you quickly forget that it\'s there ---
Until you need it.
Don\'t like it: the weight of the water can pull the loose shorts down. --health@latimes.
Comroywallack @ aol.
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