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fragrance packaging - why packaging is important in the perfume industry

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-29
Perfume and perfume are an important part of human life.
Everyone uses perfume and deodorant every day to keep the body freshLive incense.
People choose perfumes very wisely because they are part of their personality.
In addition, perfume is also one of the most beloved gifts people buy for their loved ones.
With this in mind, bottles containing perfumes and outer covers are the most important.
Needless to say;
Only when a person is attracted by the appearance of the perfume will he open the bottle to smell the fragrance.
So in the perfume industry, packaging is very important.
Let\'s have one
Deep understanding of the meaning of perfume packaging: 1.
Attracting buyers: you may have noticed that there are very creative and beautiful bottles in the perfume area of the retail store.
Yes, the perfume industry needs creative packaging more than other industries.
The reason is that perfume is a luxury;
This is not a basic necessity.
Therefore, perfume brands have to really attract people so they don\'t resist buying.
Advertising or activities alone won\'t attract many viewers.
A large number of people don\'t pay much attention to advertising.
But packaging is a powerful tool to attract these people.
Of course, everyone likes window shopping.
People visit the shops and see things they don\'t even plan to buy.
This is a unique perfume bottle and great outer packaging to attract buyers the opportunity to include it in the shopping basket. 2.
Protect delicate bottles: most perfumes are packed in glass containers or bottles to enhance their beauty.
These bottles are delicate and easy to break and hurt.
The outer packaging protects sensitive perfume bottles from injury.
From the place of manufacture to the shelves of the retail store, and finally in the hands of the buyer, these perfumes can travel safely due to this outer packaging.
Only the buyer can get the reward of opening the package and finally touching the beautifully designed glass bottle perfume. 3.
Establish a luxury image: a container or packaging establishes a luxury image of perfume.
Anyone\'s first thought to see the exquisite perfume bottle is \"it must be expensive \".
Worship and longing for one thing is the inherent nature of man, especially when it seems to be out of reach of their abilities.
So most people will definitely take a closer look.
This means that the exquisite packaging can win the hearts of the audience at the first sight.
Most buyers will ask about the price or smell it.
Now, if the perfume is not as expensive as they think, then they will definitely buy it. Why;
Because it looks very expensive, it makes a good impression if they give it to someone or show it on the dresser.
Perfume manufacturers design beautiful bottles for profit to take advantage of the customer\'s psychology. 4.
Indicate to its scent: Have you ever seen a perfume company use the same packaging for different scents of a perfume?
This rarely happens in the perfume industry.
Yes, because there are more visual effects than words.
So instead of just replacing labels according to different flavors, they create different visuals for each scent.
Most manufacturers focus on natural ingredients when deciding on the color, shape and design of a particular scent.
For example, a perfume with a rose scent will be packed in a rose-shaped bottle, or the package will contain beautiful visuals related to the rose and its petals.
This technology helps people get basic ideas about smells without reading labels.
In addition, it also enhances the beauty of the product. 5.
Final decision affecting buyers: manufacturers and companies pay more attention to packaging than the original products in the perfume industry.
They do so mainly because of the behavior of potential buyers.
They know that selling regular perfumes in beautiful bottles is easier than selling amazing perfumes in regular bottles.
This is the case with most new or least known companies.
People prefer to buy perfume from established brands to new brands.
However, even new brands can occupy a place in the perfume industry through special packaging strategies.
The final decision to buy a particular perfume depends more on its packaging, while for most buyers it depends less on its fragrance.
That\'s why other companies are focused on the innovation of perfume packaging. 6.
Meeting the purpose of giving gifts: As we pointed out earlier, perfume is a luxury product that people often buy, and is given to their relatives and friends on special occasions such as festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
Many companies have taken this into account when designing bottles and outer packaging of perfumes.
When people buy perfume bottles for gifts, they look for the most beautiful perfume bottles and the most creative packaging.
Of course, the appearance of a gift is as important as its purpose.
Therefore, perfume companies use glass bottles with beautiful gems and other fine materials to attract buyers who buy perfume. 7.
Packaging is a very powerful communication tool because it shows all the relevant information about perfume in a clear way.
Not a fan of T. V.
And don\'t use social media too much will be affected by the packaging of perfume.
Most perfumes contain the main information about the product, the ingredients used, and the method of use, as well as notable titles.
All this information is sufficient to obtain basic knowledge about the product.
Therefore, packaging is very important because it benefits the product.
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