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For over 20 years, Vinotemp has established themselves

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-27
Vinotemp produces six different series of wine coolers: Eco, Butler, Pro, Portfolio, Beverage, and Estate. The most popular is the Eco Series, most likely because these are the most inexpensive coolers sold by Vinotemp. The wine refrigerator capacity for the Eco Series is between 6-48 bottles. They all feature thermoelectric cooling systems, which makes them more quiet, energy efficient, and environmentally-friendly. The Eco Series offers a little of everything. The most elegant refrigerator of the bunch just might be the 12 bottle version, which features stainless steel trim and four sliding wood shelves. While the capacity may not be enough to satisfy enthusiasts, it does have great visual appeal for those who only want store a few bottles. The kitchen would be an ideal place for it. What's most impressive about this model in particular is the temperature range of 44-66F. Some higher priced coolers don't even lower past 50F. This allows you to select the optimal temperature for your wine. Moreover, it contains two temperature compartments. This allows you to store white and red wine separately. The Butler Series in general offers more capacity than the Eco, as one model in particular holds up to 160 bottles. A few also have front-exhaust, which allows them to be installed as a built-in. Wood shelving is also a little more prevalent for those who are looking for a classy appearance. The one model that stands out to me is the VT-26SB10, which has beautiful stainless steel trim and wood trimmed shelving. They are unique because they glide in and out smoothly for inserting or taking out wine. The temperature can be adjusted from 45-65F, which accommodates a wide range of wine. The downside with this model however is that it doesn't have dual temperature zones. If you want to go big, then you'll find VT-188 wine refrigerator very appealing. It has a 160-bottle capacity, with 15 wood shelves that pull out very easily. It comes with a safety lock to prevent theft and children from accessing. It also offers several temperature zones so your wine can be stored at the ideal temperature. This refrigerator is great for enthusiasts who have already have a large collection, or plan on having one in the future. Vinotemp has a vast range of wine fridges so everyone can find one that suits their needs.
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