for every product we sell online, we sell four in store within five days of customers seeing it

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-26
At eight o\'clock A. M. on Tuesday, most people in the retail world were on their way to work, but at Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, it\'s time to show.
Stephen cerley, general manager of Brown Thomas Group, came to a room packed with fashion commentators, media influencers and fashion editors who learned about them from Givenchy, half a mile away
Designer handbags that usually occupy four digital price tags in this corner on the first floor have been put on hold for the time being to make room for a 90-year-high sixteen-degree fashion show.
Luxury dress from Australia, Maticevski, crystal embellished denim dress by Dior, pearl inlaid Gucci high heels Vetement Levis jeans pair by recycling cost € 1,000
And a waiting list.
After the show, I had a coffee with Sealey and introduced the theme of Brexit.
\"Our point of view is just to continue.
It is difficult to predict the consequences.
It may have an impact on the economy, but for us, it\'s simple, we need to buy something that people can\'t live without \"die.
\"We couldn\'t live without these pieces,\" Sealey said with a smile, \"Well, I think you saw 90 pieces on the show. \".
\"I think Brexit is just another part of business change,\" he added . \".
This has to do with the demise of disposable clothing, and there is a tendency to \"have a greater interest in experiencing luxury \".
\"Everyone goes to the OMG, but what you have to keep in mind is that we trade at these exchange rates during 2012 and 2013.
\"The euro is weaker, which is great for the United States, and we see an increase in the number of visitors from the Middle East, so it\'s wobbly.
\"You have all sorts of uncertainties,\" admitted Sealey . \"
I mean, we see uncertainty around government formation in this country.
Brexit is another level and what we have to do is take Brown Thomas as the destination people want to go to, which means a good environment, great service and product you see, and say \'Wow, I have to have, \'that\'s the biggest thing we need to do.
\"Outside the BTs, after a 2-meter facelift, the scaffolding around the outside of the store is about to collapse.
The facade job is part of a three-year 35 euro investment, and the store is still a few weeks away from the 11 euro \'show.
The 5 m project generated an additional 9 000 square feet of space on the second floor.
In addition to new visual merchandising and luxury fitting rooms, however, what the Irish business community is really curious about is what the retail group is doing to its website.
Brown Thomas is reassembling for 2 million euros.
Sealey confirmed that this is due to the growth of online sales and the release date is September.
Sealey promises to provide a better user experience in navigation, better filtering, mobile, customer reviews that introduce beauty products
Will be reviewed but not edited
There are more videos.
\"At the moment, it takes you into the product when you search, but the new site takes you to a page with three options --
Products, editorials about products and related video content, \"explains Sealey.
Customers chasing clothes, such as jeans, will be able to book appointments ahead of time, load the options and sizes they choose online, and items will wait for them to try them on in the locker room when they walk into the store.
Sealey believes this engagement is the future of personal shopping and is expected to be available through the website in the fall.
\"I believe it will be a world class site when our new website is released.
It won\'t be a bad second network. a-
\"Potter,\" he said.
Some products sell a lot better online than others, which is the nature of the beast.
\"The best performing category is actually kitchen appliances,\" says Sealey . \".
\"The proportion of beauty sales online is high, especially for brands such as MAC and Charlotte Tilbury, which have much greater online sales than other beauty brands --
Together with Jo Malone, Tom Ford and Nars, they are key exclusivity for BTs.
\"Accessories perform well online and in preparation --to-
It\'s not good to wear because I think people really want to touch it. Feel it, but the real purpose of the website is to let people see the scope and the breadth of the price points we have.
\"We know that for every product we sell online, we sell four in the store five days after the customer watches the product online.
\"We will sell 20 of these PCs on the same day our customers watch online.
\"You will eventually understand that I don\'t care where the customer buys.
The people that matter to me are customers, so they can buy online, they can buy at this store, they can buy at BT2 in Dundrum.
Our job is to provide what our customers want in the simplest way.
\"19 years ago, a Isle of Wight came to Ireland and after Breege O\'Donoghue of Penneys recruited him from the London retail industry, Sealey moved here to serve as a purchase for Penneys
Three years later, he moved to Brown Thomas as purchasing director, who held nine-year positions, during which BTs launched Chanel, where Hermes and Gucci set up boutiques from 2002 to 2005.
After working on the other end of the retail market in Ireland, Sealey pointed out a common theme --
\"It\'s about having the right product at the right time at the right price \".
Sealey confirmed, \"This is already far away from the obvious logo, and even Michael Kors has put the logo on the bottom of the inside on some of their products, so there is one that is far from that.
I think there\'s a bit of a rebate for public brands.
He firmly believes that you \"bought the heart of a series and have an editor that suits your customers\" and currently, 90 PCs in the population are less than an hour away from one of the group\'s six stores (
Brown Thomas and BT2 in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, dunderon and brancarstown)
Therefore, there is no plan to open again.
BT2 will close Grafton Street without unemployment.
The shop is too close and some brands, like top French brands, Maje, contemporary audience pleaser, COS and Ted Baker, are transitioning across the street from Grafton to the new mothership --
Sealey promises the second floor of \"looks great.
At the end of the line, the company will not pay rent for BT2 and will not face the problem of funding properties they do not own.
\"If the landlord makes more money than you get out of the store, it\'s not a good place,\" he said . \"of-factly.
After getting married to an adult daughter, Sealey found his management job \"probably the darkest of September 2009, so it was hard.
His method has always been to implement a series of small slices, \"If you add this slice to that slice, they will all climb up \".
Since 2009, sales of BTs are growing every year, Sealey said.
Profits are growing every year, and the Chinese love for brand-name handbags will certainly help in the difficult years, Mandarin --
Grafton Street shop is hiring talking staff.
\"The Chinese will come again this year. to-
Date, their spending is a bit down.
I think there are a lot of factors, including some dark clouds that are coming up in China\'s economy.
\"There has been an increase in surveillance at Chinese airports.
\"You \'ve heard of the story of the baggage recovery area at the Chinese airport abandoning luxury handbags because of high customs fines.
On the other hand, the Chinese people know that if they buy from US or Europe, this is a real product, not a fake.
\"British shoppers will come back, but they don\'t have the strength of the pound.
On a positive note, however, Americans seem to be making up for their shortcomings and the money movement is in their favor.
Sealey confirmed that they are starting to see the presence of customers in the Middle East, \"partly related to our horse business in Ireland \".
Any plan has Arabic speaking staff and I would ask \"this is actually on our wish list, so we will continue to adjust and adopt it according to the requirements of our customers.
\"This is what any retailer has to do,\" he said . \"
BT owners admit Dublin has been flooded with large ships, but the cruise business is not always translated into luxury sales.
\"For us, tourism is a icing on the cake, not a icing on the cake.
It is very useful to develop it during the recession because it enables the business to continue to grow --
But obviously, our priority is to engage with local customers.
\"How is business at the moment\", business is OK, I am very happy if I look at our two-year growth.
We saw strong growth at the Dundrum store, many driven by new beauty brands.
Based on our investment in the Limerick store, we saw a good growth in Limerick.
The rest of the business is OK, but nothing great.
On next November, 2015 data will be officially released by BTs.
At the same time, Sealey acknowledged that last year was a very good year, adding that \"when you encounter strong growth, it is difficult to achieve strong growth on the basis of strong growth \".
In addition to serving as general manager of the Brown Thomas Group, Sealey is also a director of the Wests, and the Henry Street store is owned by the Weston family.
When asked about the future plans for the North store, Sealey said: \"The capitts has a strong management team led by Donald McDonald.
As an iconic brand, they will continue to develop the artits.
Galen Weston bought Brown Thomas as a gift for his Dublin --
Born wife Hillary
Sealey confirmed that the West family was \"very involved in the Brown Thomas Group and that their daughter, Alannah, was the vice chairman of the Selfridges Group and was very involved in the business.
Alannah played a big role in the renovation plan for the Grafton Street store and was very enthusiastic about sustainability, so the water was only in glass bottles and the store group was working to reduce the plastic business.
The store plans to mimic and redesign new LED lighting
The wiring project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 3,000 tons per year and 39 PCs.
\"It\'s great to be part of a family business with family values. \" says Sealey.
\"This is a good thing.
That means you can do the right thing and you can look at it in the long run.
If we were the owner of a venture capital company, we wouldn\'t spend 2 million euros fixing the facade of the store, and it probably just got a little paint.
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