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fake glass bottle / sugar glass

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-29
Mold material: Oomoo 25 or 30 mold release glass bottle for mold plastic bottle (
At least 1 wider than the mold bottle\"
Material for candy glass: Sugar light corn syrup cream for tartartarwaterfood color tools: old cooking in candisimoltland prepare the bottle with thick gloves: First of all, you need to remove the sticker from the bottle to save this, this way you can put them back on your fake bottle for a more authentic look.
It\'s really nice to clean the bottle and make sure there is no residue from any cans as any cans will be transferred to the mold and your fake bottle.
After the bottle is cleaned, release the mold according to the instructions on the jar, in my case, I only need to spray a thin coating around.
Make a mold: put your big plastic bottle (
It should be at least 2 higher and 1 wider than the glass bottle)
Cut the top of the bottle and release the mold to the inside of the plastic bottle.
Hang the glass bottle inside the plastic bottle, it should have 1/2 free space around it, 1 at the bottom and 1 at the top.
Tip: It\'s a good idea to fill the glass bottle with water so that it doesn\'t float when you start pouring the silicone mixture)
Slowly pour the mixture into a glass bottle cover with at least 1/2 of the top of the bottle.
Now, wait according to the time of the product you are using.
When the mold is cured, carefully cut one side of the plastic bottle as we will use the bottle later.
Once you cut and remove the mold, start cutting the mold with andexact oknife and try to go all the way down until you touch the bottle and then cut it off once you pass, so that the seams in your candy bottle will not be so obvious.
Cut the mold down and pull the bottle out.
Now, put the mold back into the plastic bottle, fix the shape of the mold with rubber bands or tape, and do not apply a very light mold release agent to the inside of the mold.
You should put it in a pot;
3 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup corn syrup 2 cups of water 1/4 teaspoon tartar cream, cook the mixture very slowly and stir frequently, it will be caramelized if you heat it to fast and will not work.
The mixture needs to be boiled to 300 degrees F, it takes about 1 hour to get to this point, just before removing it from the heat, apply the food pigment you are going to use.
Tip: If you don\'t have a candy thermometer, take a spoonful of the candy mixture, pour it into a cup of cold water and take it out, and if it brakes like a glass, it\'s OK.
Here is the table for the candy stage for reference :-Thread 223-
235 * F syrup drops from the spoon to form a thin line in water ice and honey fruit-Soft ball 235-
245 * F syrup is easy to form balls in cold water, but once the fudge and fudge are removed, the syrup is flat --Firm ball 245-
The 250 * F syrup forms a stable ball, but once the caramel candy is pressed, the syrup loses its circle --Hard ball 250-
266 * F syrup remains spherical but sticky and marshmallow-Soft crack 270-
The 290 * F syrup will form a firm but soft thread nougat and toffee. -Hard crack 300-
310 * F the syrup will break if you try to mold the syrupCaramel 320-
350 * F syrup will turn golden at this stage and after it cools, pralinto releases the bottle and simply opens the mold by cutting and pulls the bottle out.
The bottle is beautiful but you need to be careful.
Enjoy it now.
You can break it in someone\'s mind (
Get their consent)
Or go into a bar and break it in your own mind and impress the girls who ride the bike. --------
Tanks come check my instructions, please vote for me in the candy match if you like ---------
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