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eco-friendly options to switch plastic water bottles with

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-22
As the temperature rises, the Sun becomes more and more unforgiving, and nothing is better than a large cup of cold water.
As soon as we felt thirsty, we opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of chilled water to quench our thirst.
But is that the same in the past days?
I mean, there was definitely no fridge at the time, so how did people manage it?
In the old days, people often use pottery cans or copper utensils, such as copper cans, to store drinking water while keeping it cold.
These options are much better than modern ones because they are cheaper and eco-friendly
Friendly and fresh feeling added to the water supply.
At the same time, these have created a livelihood for so many people, while maintaining tradition.
Amazing benefits of pottery cans: natural cooling-
The porous properties of the pottery can help maintain the low temperature of the water.
In the summer, when power cuts are so common, potters are a great option for regular supply of cold fresh water. Alkaline-It is well-
Diseases are known to thrive in acidic environments.
So if your body tends to be acidic rather than alkaline, then you need to be extra careful about your health.
Clay is alkaline in nature, so when water is stored in clay, the alkalinity of the clay is converted into alkaline water. No chemicals-
Plastic bottles seem to be a convenient option to store water, but most plastic bottles contain toxic chemicals such as BPA.
These chemicals can destroy the function of the human body in various ways.
You won\'t get sick.
There are a lot of people who are sensitive to cold things and can\'t drink chilled water without a sore throat.
Amazing benefits of copper water bottles: keep your digestive system healthy
Copper has antibacterial properties that help to kill harmful bacteria and minimize inflammation in the stomach, making it a great treatment for indigestion, ulcers and infections.
Copper helps detoxify and clean the stomach, regulates the work of the kidneys and the liver, ensuring proper absorption of nutrients and proper elimination of body waste.
Help lose weight-
In order to lose weight faster, try drinking copper-treated water regularly.
Copper water helps to break down fat cells faster and remove them from the body.
It helps your body keep what it needs and throw away the rest of it.
Wound healing faster
Copper is very useful for faster wound healing due to its anti-traumatic effectBacteria, resistance
Virus properties.
Copper also helps to enhance the immune system and help to produce new cells.
Prevent infection-
The oligdynamic properties of copper contribute to the destruction of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and other common microorganisms in water.
In particular, it has been shown to be effective for both bacteria I. e. the E. coli and S.
S. aureus usually found in water and known to cause various water-borne diseases.
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