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Eating and drinking, as we all know, are not optional

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-13
1. Water bottle To give your cavy a fresh supply of water buy a sixteen or thirty-two oz. water bottle that attaches to the outside of the cage. Since guinea pigs chew on everything, make sure that the tip is made of stainless steel. A vacuum seal will help keep leaking to a minimum. Because guinea pigs tend to urinate in water bowls, this is not a safe option. A water bottle will cost you between seven and nine dollars. 2. Food dish When you are shopping for a food bowl for your cavy, look for one that has a wider base and a narrow top. This makes it difficult to knock over. There's no need to place food directly into the cage when you can buy a very good bowl for between one and three dollars. If you want a fancier model that actually attaches to the cage with brackets, the price usually ranges from five to eleven dollars. 3. Other items As you'll learn about in the next chapter, hay can be an important part of a guinea pig's diet, so you may want to add a hay dispenser to your pet's cage.Dispensers keep hay from getting mixed in with the bedding and becoming soiled. A hay dispenser costs around eight or ten dollars. Chew toys are always welcome in a guinea pig's cage. Keeping chew sticks in the cage helps the guinea pig keep its teeth trimmed down.A salt wheel costs between two and three dollars. Most guinea pigs just love to nibble a little salt throughout the day.You've built the nest! Before you bring the little furry friend home, sit down and make a list of what sort of foods you need to keep on hand for a healthy guinea pig.
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