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drilling holes in glass bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-23
In this Instructure, I will show how I can drill holes for my past few Instructure in glass bottles.
Instead of breaking your glass, turn it into something beautiful or practical.
Taking a bottle out of the trash can is your next treasure.
But first, we need to be able to drill holes in the glass.
I will show my success and explain my failure.
The following link shows my success.
Drilling glass comes from ideas shared by instructures and others.
The deeper I get into this community, the more my first experience will be.
I use this rule of Instructure to drill glass, and I hope others can take the challenge and create something wonderful.
Some important safety points when drilling glass.
The Growler was the fourth piece of glass I had drilled.
My first two attempts on other bottles were all failed.
There are several reasons why I failed.
The first is probably the bottle area I drilled.
With my first design idea, I want to hide the wiring completely.
Having said that, once installed on the base, I tried to drill through the bottom of the bottle to hide the wires.
Due to the structure of the glass, this may cause too much stress on the glass, resulting in cracking.
Just as the glass bottle was drilled, the whole bottle was cracked.
Not sure if this is just a good place to try drilling, or if it\'s a bit I\'m using.
In my first two failures, I used hard alloy tiles and glass cutting bits.
The spiral style seems to grab the glass as it passes through the glass and breaks the entire bottle.
Maybe if I was more patient and slower to move, the screw drill might not grab the glass and break the glass.
So, I changed a diamond eyelet saw and went through the side of the bottle instead of the bottom.
It has been a success since the change.
Sorry, no photos of my failure.
The broken bottle flew into the recycle bin faster than I thought it would take pictures.
The above tools are freight from the port (local retail)and Amazon. com.
For a long time, all my holes have been hand drilled.
Over the past year, I have found myself in need of more precise and controllable drilling.
So I invested in a cheap drill machine from the port freight company.
While Port Freight does not offer the highest quality tools, I feel like a lot of what they offer is great for amateurs, manufacturers and decorators.
Or, for tools that you know you won\'t use that much and don\'t want to spend a bundle of money.
I found this drill for $59.
99, and used a coupon of 25%.
This will make your life easier.
For the reasons mentioned earlier, my personal preference for success is the hole saw style.
While I don\'t have much experience with drilling glass, I \'ve learned to look for hidden thinner areas for drilling as much as possible.
I would prefer to drill holes at the bottom of the skull in order to hide the wires, but this will be 1/4 of the holes.
Earlier, an attempt to drill holes at the bottom of a bottle close to the same thickness caused the bottle to break.
So drill holes in places where the glass is not that thick.
The glass on the back is less than 1/4 thick.
I prefer to put a mat of material (Old shirt)
On the drill press table, absorb a little pressure from the drill bit pressed on the glass while drilling.
It also protects the glass from scratches.
Drilling at a slow rate of Patience takes about 2 minutes.
Sorry but I don\'t have any picts because I need both hands to operate the drill press and keep the Growler in place so I actually drill holes in the Growler. SAFETY FIRST!
Basically I used the same process as the YouTube video to drill the glass.
My press is the same size and uses the same type of diamond eyelet saw.
The only difference in my process is that once I start the drilling process, as the drilling goes on, I only add a little bit of water to the drilling area.
I did not use the reservoir as shown in the video.
It is easy to drill holes in slow patient drilling for about 2 minutes.
Smooth the edge of the hole using the file.
This instruction is for those who want to know how to drill the bottle or are not willing to drill it.
I hope this will ease doubts or stimulate interest in drilling glass. Don\'t Trash It! Drill It! Treasure It!
If you think it\'s worth voting!
Thanks for watching.
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