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Does Mrs. Smith give your child extra help with

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-19
Every year, teachers tend to be rewarded with the same old stuff at Christmas time - like cookies, candy, and candles. While all of those gifts are lovely and heartfelt, there are only so many sugar cookies and chocolates a teacher can eat! So, this year, if you're searching for Christmas gift ideas that are a little different, take a look at the huge variety of personalized gifts available for teachers. Remember, the best Christmas gifts are those that speak directly to the recipient. What could fulfill that premise better than a personalized gift? For a gift that comes from a young child, it's often a good idea to choose something with a bit of whimsy; something that's not too serious. For example, if you opt for a personalized Christmas ornament, look for those that include a fun image of a holiday- or winter-related character, like Santa Claus, reindeer, a snowman, or even a cute Christmas mouse or elf. Avoid anything too serious or the teacher will certainly be able to tell that the child didn't have a hand in picking it out. If the gift is coming from an older child or teen, it's okay to look beyond cute and choose from Christmas gift ideas that are a bit more sophisticated. If you know the teacher well or know anything about his hobbies or passions, choose a gift that reflects those interests. For example, the best Christmas gifts for someone who is active and enjoys being on the go might be something like a personalized sturdy water bottle, a duffle bag for the gym, or something else he or she can use while exercising. If the teacher in mind is a die-hard sports fanatic, buy him (or her) a Personalized Christmas Gift that includes a member (or members) of his favorite major league baseball, football, basketball or hockey team. Or if that favorite teacher always has a cup of coffee on her desk, consider purchasing a personalized mug she can enjoy each and every day. Gifts like these will be both treasured and used! If you feel as if you don't know the teacher well but still want to reward him or her with a Christmas gift, purchase something all teachers can use, like a handsome personalized ball point pen, a handy desk caddy, or even a sterling silver key chain with flash drive, perfect for that teacher who loves technology!
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