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diy glass water bottle

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-23
I really don\'t like to throw away glass bottles, especially those that can be re-sealed at the top.
On the other hand, it can be dangerous to carry an unprotected glass bottle with you, as you also have the potential to damage things like your laptop, camera, and books.
This is an easy way to make the lid for the glass bottle and turn it into a good looking, practical water bottle.
You will reduce the risk of breakage, increase the insulation factor, make it more practical, and hopefully improve the aesthetics.
For those who want to make their own picnic suits or camping gear and for those who are tired of the forgetfulness of losing a $20 water bottle, this is a great project.
You need a bottle and any bottle can work, but you don\'t need a stopper if you use a Grolsch bottle or something like that.
This is a big advantage, but you can always make a cork or even a carved wooden stopper and use any bottle you have on hand.
For those who don\'t know, Grolsch is a beer packed in a re-sealed bottle.
It\'s usually cheap and it\'s easy to give away beer even if you don\'t drink.
There are a lot of other things in the bottle, as well as wire packs or \"swing \".
They have been around for a long time.
One of the photos comes from a widely available non-
Alcoholic drinks.
2mm paracordan awl or hole punchscissors or some other cutting tool a SharpieI\'s mountain bike or cruiser bike interior 10 feet no.
Instead, remove the lines of the inner tube itself.
It is very simple, so there is no need for a separate mode.
You can make countless changes in this area.
The lid can be anything, from a cropped net to something that covers the entire bottle.
Depending on your style, an inner tube should cover about three 750 ml bottles.
After separating the tube (
I try to keep these at hand)
As long as you want to wrap it on the side of the bottle and then cut it into the desired length.
Place the bottle in the middle of the material and use Sharpie to draw a circle at the bottom.
After drawing your circle, follow the instructions in the photo and make two lines.
This gives a guide on where to cut the seam at the bottom and when you tie it up it will fit well.
Once you \'ve marked the position, go along the lines with your cutting tool so it looks like an image.
You will either need to use awl to punch holes or a cheap punch for leather design.
You can buy it for ten dollars.
I used a punch because it was easier and the clean holes made the rubber not so easy to tear.
Place three holes on the circular section that match the straight cut of the bottom seam.
You may need more if you have a smaller bottle.
Just make adjustments as needed, and when you hole, be sure to keep the lid close to the final shape so they match.
Next, simply run a row of holes on each side.
These should be mutual.
It might be a good idea to keep the two edges together and punch in pairs.
It will take less time and they will be more even.
Each side is tied up like a shoe.
You have to guess the number of wires you need to do this.
As long as you don\'t want to do the handle with the same rope, 5 feet per side may be enough.
I didn\'t do this because I had a shoulder strap and wanted a simpler lid.
Just follow the photo and it won\'t cause you any trouble.
The rubber is strong, but you may be careful when you tighten your shoelaces so as not to tear the holes.
I have a spare strap as stated in the previous step, so I used it, but you can make one with a rope, inner tube, leather, some other handy material, or simply not
I can think of the reason why you might choose either of them. . . .
In this case I just pass the clip through a few rows of lace up so it\'s safe and unlikely to rip the rubber.
Enjoy your water bottle and start looking around all the other ways you can apply the same technology.
You will soon realize that it will all work, from the hand on the tool to the bike chain and even the clothes.
You will have more options if you can get some car or tractor inner tires.
The inner tube is a very versatile material, and once cut into neat bunches, it is perfect to fit into a toolbox, backpack or first aid kit.
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