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delhi airport: water at rs 40, flyer tags civil aviation minister | delhi news - times of india

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-07
New Delhi: On Thursday, a passenger departing from Guwahati airport raised questions online about the price of the airport water bottle after he sold a bottle of 500 ml at a price of Rs 40.
Passenger Rishi Bagree tagged civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju and civil aviation State Minister Jayant Sinha on Twitter while posting invoices for bottles passengers were forced to pay a high price for water.
The tweet prompted Sinha to take immediate action, labeling twitter handles at airports in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to ask about the price of bottled water.
What is the price of water for vending machine?
@ Delhi_airport @ CSIAMumbai @ BLRAirport please note that the minister tweeted very quickly.
Since then, the twitter handle at Delhi airport has responded to the minister\'s inquiry by saying that the vending machine at IGI Airport provides bottled water for Rs 10.
Officials also claim that this is the cheapest price for any airport in the country, with most airports having MRP ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 40.
There are currently more than 150 vending machines at the airport, each selling 500 ml bottles of water at Rs 10.
Airport officials said our social media team immediately responded to the minister\'s tweet that our price was the lowest in terms of MRP.
He added that Pepsi vending machines are available in both T3 and T1 and are placed in easy-to-reach places for the convenience of travelers.
Last year, the consumer affairs department said in its consultation with states that all packaged items, not just bottled water, should have the same MRP at airports, shops and multiple stores.
According to several airports, the department has been looking for labels for the price of goods, especially bottled water, due to high prices.
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