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coca-cola bottle as art? on bottle\'s 100th birthday, atlanta\'s high museum explores its design

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-11
ATLANTA -The curvy Coca-
The Coke bottle is celebrating its 100 th birthday, and an art museum is exploring the origins and implications of a bottle design so well known that you will know the brand if you hold it in the dark. \"The Coca-
On Saturday, the American icon of \"Coke bottle: 100\" opened at the Atlanta premium Museum will run through October. 4.
Visitors can see original design illustrations, prototypes of 1915 designs, and works of artists inspired by the presentclassic design. Coca-
Coca-Cola is headquartered in Atlanta.
\"It\'s amazing to do something that not only stays the same for the company for more than 100 years, but also becomes a cultural icon that can be identified around the world, senior Head of museum translator and exhibition hall director Julia Forbes said.
\"It\'s really a story of design success.
\"The exhibition gives visitors an idea of the history of bottle design, a way to distinguish between Coca
Coke from many imitators.
In a memo of 1915, the company asked the glass company to come up with \"a bottle that people can recognize even if they feel it in the dark, even if it is broken, A person can know what it is at a glance.
\"The roots glass company in trehort, Indiana has developed an award-winning design for\" Georgia Green \"glass with a bump in the middle and a bump on the side.
The exhibition includes conceptual sketches and patents for contour bottle designs starting in 1915.
An original prototype bottle in 1915 is also on display, one of only two bottles known.
Across from the coca show.
Over the years, Coke bottles have been more than 20 posters created by contemporary designers in response to Coca-Cola\'s invitation.
Imagine Coke for the next century last year.
They are instructed to consider attributes such as \"universal happiness\" and \"stubborn optimism\" and use red, black and white.
The entire gallery in the exhibition is dedicated to Andy Warhol.
There are two paintings of coca on one wall.
Coke bottle inspired by old ads, one is a bit abstract, the lines are blurry, the other is clear and clean and doesn\'t even look like a painting.
The works come from the commercial images used at the beginning of the Warhol pop art style in 1961 and 1962, respectively.
A famous quote from Warhol in 1975 was printed on the gallery wall: \"The greatness of this country is that the United States has begun a tradition in which the richest consumers buy things with the poorest
You can watch TV and coca.
You know, the president drank Coca-Cola.
Liz Taylor drinks Coke.
Coke. think about it. you can drink Coke. Cola, too.
\"At the end of the exhibition, from the photo gallery in the middle
1930 so far.
In some photos, the photographer apparently uses Coca
Coke bottles or logos are used as art, while bottles and logos happen to exist elsewhere.
Two photos of Times Square
1930 and 1 in late 1990 including coca
Coke ads.
This sign will also appear in photos of country roads and shops, as well as in the city landscape.
Photographer imogan Cunningham filmed landscape photographer Ansel Adams sitting in a truck in 1953 with a bottle of Coca in his hand --Cola in hand.
They show the ubiquity of coca.
\"Coca-Cola,\" Ted Ryan, who is in charge of the Coca-Cola file
The picture says Coke.
\"In Times Square. It\'s in China.
On the street.
\"This exhibition is a collaboration between Coca and Coca --
Ryan said Coke, and started a one-year celebration that will include advertising to showcase its designs in more than 140 countries.
\"It all started from high places,\" Ryan said . \".
\"We want to start at home. \"___If You Go. . . THE COCA-
Coke bottle: 100: Icon for February. 28 through Oct.
High Art Museum, 1280 Peachtree Street. NE, Atlanta; 404-733-5000.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday at 10m. -5 p. m.
Friday to 9 pm. m. ; Sundays, noon-5 p. m. Adults, $19. 50;
ID cards and students aged 65 and over, $16. 50; children 6-17, $12;
Children aged 5 and under are free of charge.
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