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Cleaning is not really what I call fun, so there

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-10
Here are some easy cleaning tips for an all-purpose cleaner: 1. Get a spray bottle from the dollar store. You can even use an old empty bottle from a different product. Just be sure to clean it out thoroughly. Nobody wants to learn the hard way what mix-and-match formula creates a smoke room filled with essence of chemicals. 2. Fill the spray bottle about a quarter of the way with white vinegar. 3. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. 4. Shake, shake, shake while your dancing and singing to your tunes. Don't worry, the vinegar smell won't stay too long, especially if you follow my cleaning tips on what to do to eliminate the smell of what I call 'sweat labor.' For those stainless steel sinks, the vinegar/water solution is a good start; however, if you have some built up grime stuck to the garbage disposal or drain of the sink, then equal parts baking soda and water mixed together will do the trick. I like to use a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge for this duty, but you can also use a regular sponge or even a wash cloth, though you'll need some elbow grease for that one. Some like that smell, but for those who don't, here are a few things you can do to rid of that special aroma that sometimes makes us teary and lightheaded. 1. You can use Fabreze air freshers 2. Candles throughout the entire house. 3. Another air freshener of your choice 4. My personal favorite is to burn herbs in separate parts of the house. My favorites are sage and lavender. You will definitely want to do this with the doors and windows open because the smoke from the burning can be pretty intense. You can check with your local health foods store for products. I hope you find these cleaning tips helpful. Natural products are always better, greener, and safer to use in your home.
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