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can i recycle ... metal bottle caps and jar lids?

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-20
The city of Los Angeles recycles metal beer and soda caps and metal cans.
While most metal covers and covers are lined with a thin polyethylene coating, the plastic is burned during metal processing and melting.
Most metal covers and covers are made of steel and are sorted from other recyclable items with overhead magnets.
Metal covers should be removed from clean and empty glass cans;
The residual lid on the glass tank that is not cracked during the collection process needs to be sorted for a second time in the glass recovery facility.
Because the policies and suggestions of each city may be different, we have to conduct a sample survey of officials in different cities every week.
I can. . . Burbank: YesGlendale: YesLong Beach: YesPasadena: YesSanta Monica: YesTorrance: Yes, we explain a possibility every week
Here are some of the columns I can recycle before: store receipts? Milk cartons? Pizza boxes? Post-it Notes? Tyvek? --
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