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Cafe owners looking to transform their beloved

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-03
Firstly, decor is everything in an American diner, so make sure your cafe furniture matches up to expectations. Shiny metals, cherry red leathers and white PVC all help to contribute towards the overall atmosphere, whilst vinyl booths and swingin' bar stools will help make the diner pop! A black and white chequered floor will add to the look; as will freestanding jukeboxes, stainless steel countertops and display boxes boasting the freshest cherry and apples pies will make it perfection. Secondly, be sure to invest in a range of authentic accessories; such as retro-style ketchup and mustard bottles, vintage Coke lids and bottle openers, and plastic red baskets - perfect for serving up curly fries and juicy hot dogs in. Retro-style food signs are a great addition to the walls, such as those advertising malted milkshakes, meaty burgers and Grandma's classic apple pie. These will really add to the ambiance and help to create a vintage, laid-back atmosphere. Now, onto the food. Classic dish ideas include macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes and omelette's; and for drinks, cherry Cokes, thick milkshakes, ice-cream floats and piping hot coffee should entice die-hard American fans. Other recipes worth mastering to provide a diner-style experience are oatmeal, waffles, corn dogs, fried shrimp, slaw and the ubiquitous ice cream sundaes. Lastly, the key to creating an authentic experience has to be the music. From the Everly brothers to Elvis, the 50s really was a decade for excellent, catchy tunes. Playing music from artists such as the Coasters, Ames Brothers, Four Lads, Little Richard, Bill Haley and Chuck Berry is sure to help your customers get in the mood, and may even see them getting up for a dance!
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