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bottles to jars

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-24
Hi all!
In this note, I explained how I made these jars with glass bottles.
Here are the main reasons why I do this project: main steps: Material: you can download the file to 3D print by clicking here!
Also, what I want to point out before I start is that I used a 3D printout (with PLA)
Hot glue for this project.
While most of the food stored in these jars will only come into contact with glass, I\'m not sure if PLA and hot glue are completely food-safe.
I searched the internet for hours of food safety glue (
Paste 3D printing pieces)and varnish (
Apply on pla)
But I\'m not satisfied enough.
I also contacted many stores (
For process and repair)
But no one said they had glue and varnish for food safety.
Anyway, I\'m storing food in these jars now, but if you know I can use a fun food safety glue/varnish, leave a message below and start the discussion :)
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You can click on the following: click on the \"follow\" button to make sure to see the next \"my item\" I will post: Following the first step is to remove the label of the bottle.
Before using fancy technology, I decided to remove the label with the simplest solution: hot water.
Once in contact with hot water, the glue used to paste the label will melt.
How to proceed, Part 1: but in the next section it doesn\'t work as expected and some parts of the label stick to the bottle.
I guess it depends on the glue used and whether the label is made of plastic or paper.
So I grabbed the first thing that helped remove the glue from the bottle: Wash-
Liquid and stainless steel sponge.
How to proceed, Part 2: I did some research on the Internet before I started cutting bottles to find the best technology I could use.
I found the video below, which is very interesting and came up with 5 different glass bottle cutting methods.
I have tried 3 methods: note that a light score is enough to cut the bottle if you use a glass cutter and a bottle cutter.
On my first try I made a mistake and scored multiple times in the same place and I think it damaged the cutting wheel and bottle.
Check the last gif of this step and see the score you want to do.
To be honest, the bottle cutting machine is the best technology.
It makes the score on the bottle smooth and straight and the cut is perfect.
From this step I recommend using gloves, sleeves and safety goggles as the glass will hurt you.
Usually there is no problem, but it is better to protect it if something goes wrong.
First of all, I tried to cut the bottle manually with the bottle cutter as shown below: but the first step was really hard and I had to try it a few times until I drew a straight line around the bottle.
And the wound is not straight.
Then, as explained in the video above, I try to use the rope.
What I used: How I Did It: The bottle broke between the zippers in less than 2 minutes.
In fact, during this process, the friction of the rope increases the temperature at which the bottle breaks.
If it does not break after friction, place the bottle in cold water and the change in temperature will help to cut the bottle.
For this approach you need the following: how to proceed: On the gif below you can see how I scored.
In the gif below, you can see how I cut the bottle.
As you can see, it\'s very fast (
About 2 minutes from the start of the score to the Broken Glass)
, The cut is very neat and the top of the bottle is easy to fall off.
If it is not separated, repeat these steps with candles and ice cubes.
The edges will be very sharp once the bottle is cut.
I decided to polish them with sand, so if these joints fall off the bottle (
Look at the next step to see what the joints look like)
There is no risk of injury to the glass.
Like the previous step, I found a good video explaining how to polish the edge of the glass bottle after cutting.
As explained in the video, I used wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper.
I started with 80 grains and polished them with circular motion.
Now the bottles are cut in half and it\'s time to put them back together again.
So I designed 3 different joints and I found it interesting: These joints can be used with large glass bottles (
80mm diameter/3, 46457 inch).
I designed them with Fusion 360.
I will not explain in detail how I did this.
I basically measured the diameter of the bottle.
Then play \"sketch\", \"circle\" and \"squeeze\" and it\'s easy to make these joints.
There is a special tool for screws (\"create -> thread\").
If you are having problems making these joints, please leave a message below or send me a private message and I will be happy to help!
You can click here to download my file on cults3D account.
You can see that there is a slot on each joint to place the cutting edge of the bottle.
For these joints, I printed multiple parts in 3D and then glued them together.
This way, 3D printing parts is much easier with less support.
I used e6000 glue to glue the hinge.
Then I stick the joint to the bottle.
I spent hours looking for food safety glue, sticking the joint to the bottle and applying varnish to the plastic, but I couldn\'t find any glue.
Then I decided to use hot glue because someone said it was food safe.
Others on the Web say no, but I still decided to use hot glue: Finally, I decided to add some decorations like text or images to the bottle.
I first thought of etching the glass with the etching cream I had, but I finally decided to apply it to the window with the transparent sticker I bought many years ago (
Spread the light and keep some privacy in the bathroom, for example).
So I chose the font I like on the DaFont site with the ring and \"miam-miam\" (
You can use \"yum-yum\").
Here are the steps: you can now enjoy this creative abuse of bottles as beautiful jars! :)
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