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bottle it up: review of frozen bottle

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-24
It\'s a busy day at work and all I need is to immerse myself in sweet things.
I decided to check out the frozen bottles at the new thick milkshake shop.
I found it hidden in
The Lane of the race, thankfully, is not crowded.
The place is well lit with pictures of shaking hanging on the brown walls.
The menu was filled with milkshakes and ice cubes.
There are cream cans for Kesar Badam, kiwi fruit Krush, Oreo cheesecake and banana Gulkand.
They also provided two sugar.
Complimentary milkshakes available: cold coffee and nut vanilla.
After careful consideration, I chose the classic cream shake, while my friend chose a special shortbread ice cream jar for the season.
The person behind the counter said when accepting our order: \"This is the mango of this season . \". A filled-to-the-
Brim glass jars and bottles arrived at our table without delay.
\"These bottles are yours.
You can take them with you if you want, \"We were told.
My milkshake is thick with a thin layer of foam on it.
I took a tentative sip;
Sweetness is appropriate.
There are three layers of ice cream jar: sponge cake, mango ice
Cream and mango paste.
I tried it and remembered the fresh fruit.
We ordered three shakes.
Lychee, spicy guava, garden strawberryas a take away.
The packaging was also in the glass bottle and we walked out of the store happily with the beautiful bottle.
The lychee shake is very tasty, but very sweet.
Strawberries are good but standard.
Nothing special.
Spicy guava is the best, every bite can taste the taste of the fruit, the spicy taste of the Red cold dish as a kind of lingering flavor.
It\'s like eating a piece of guava sprinkled with red chili powder.
As for the empty bottle I brought home, there is now a monetary plant in it;
Right on the shelf in my friend\'s kitchen.
The only downside is the plastic spoon and straw.
Steel spoon is an option for ice cream jars.
For customers who want to take the bottle away, it would be nice to have a place to rinse it.
The range of information that you can use starts with VLC 139.
The ice bottle is at 127 Thiruganasambandam Road.
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