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Body warmers are the evolution in hot water bottle

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-26
Newer microwaveable body warmers are covered in soft plush material, making them both warm and cozy. Microwave bottles, heat packs, body wraps and neck warmers are close in form to traditional hot water bottles, but vary in shape to better target specific areas. A microwave bottle looks like a regular hot water bottle, but can handle more direct pressure and isn't at risk for leaks. Heat packs and neck warmers are better used on specific body parts, able to help soothe sore muscles and joints. Body wraps are like being wrapped in an electric blanket, without the inconvenience of a cord or the added electricity costs. Luxury slippers and boots are microwaveable body warmers that are designed to keep bare feet protected from cold wood or tile floors. Some body warmers aren't designed for microwave use, but feature click and heat reusable gel packs. Mittens and earmuffs often feature this technology, and offer superior protection against extreme cold temperatures than regular unheated products. They can help keep hands and ears warmer for longer, and lessen the chance of frostbite. Pocket body warmers can be used in pockets to keep hands warm or in boots to help keep toes toasty. The gel technology works when clicked, provided a reaction that generates heats for up to a few hours at a time, and can be reused again and again, without the need for a microwave or any other type of electrical recharging equipment. Perfect for use during outdoor sports or other activities. Environmentally conscious consumers, as well as those looking to lower heating and electric bills may find the new body warmer products attractive. Consumers are often advised to lower the temperature in the house overnight to save on energy bills, but that often results in shivering through the night. Personal body warmers are designed to give off heat for hours, after being warmed in the microwave for just a short time. They reduce the need for piling on extra layers of clothing or plugging in electric blankets or space heaters to keep warm. Gone are the days of the one size fits all hot water bottles. Traditional bottles are still useful, but newer body warmers can allow consumers to purchase products that address a variety of needs, including the need to keep warm while being active outdoors, walking around the house, or relaxing in bed. Microwave and gel technology allow for greater ease of use and a wider variety of product availability.
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