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bmw salesman allegedly poisoned by his boss: police

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-13
A high-
End car dealership employees are recovering after allegedly consuming the engine coolant identified by the police to pour into his water bottle.
The incident took place on Tuesday, but employees of BMW dealers near the Pkwy in Don Valley.
And East Street.
Consumed liquid around 10 on Thursday. m.
Toronto police said.
\"He realized that what was in the water bottle was not water, and then immediately went to the pharmacy to get some medicine and put himself in the hospital where they had some tests,\" said the constant.
Sidhu Jenifferjit.
\"Later that day, helife-
Threatened to get hurt.
Sidhu said investigators looked at the dealer\'s surveillance video and found that two men took the employee\'s water bottle and \"poured the contents of what the police thought was engine coolant into the water bottle, the water bottle was then put back into the service area where the man then consumed the contents.
The incident did not seem to be a prank, Sidhu said.
Rahim Jaffer, 34year-
The old boss of an employee living in Toronto was arrested and faced charges of managing a hazardous item.
The police found a second employee but did not immediately announce the name of the suspect.
The investigation is in progress.
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