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by:ER Bottle     2020-07-14
Just seeing a favorite mug or a favorite plate from childhood after many years can take you right back there. Without warning, the memories come rushing in. Bottle coverings and openers are two adult drinking accouterments-this is because they regularly accompany the drinking of alcoholic beverages-that people regularly become attached to. Creating Beverage Containers with Style People take their koozies seriously. About many people, it can be said, 'He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve; he wears it on his koozy.' These people display their favorite sports team, favorite band or favorite brand on their drink insulator. People even have custom koozies made for extra-special life events like weddings and graduations-that's how special they are to people. The koozy has come a long way since it was invented in 1979, and today's koozy comes in a wide array of designs that combine style and practicality. One design even incorporates a bottle opener-it is slickly located on the drink insulator's bottom. Another, which hugs a whole container's surface, has a zipper running down its neck. And, most ingenious of all, there are cooler ones, which have chiller-pack pouches in their bottoms. Now, that'll keep your drink cold all day long! There is almost as much variety in the koozy kingdom as there is in the natural kingdom. Breeding Good Will with Quality and Generosity Have you ever had a promotional bottle opener that you've kept on your keychain for years? I have. And every time I used it, I would remember the time it was given to me at a local bar by a beer-company rep. When I remembered that, I would feel kindly towards the beer company whose logo was printed on it. This kindly feeling has led to me buying cases of that brand of beer more than a few times over the years. Good will goes a long way in business-especially if that good will is attached to something useful and durable. Investing in custom bottle openers is one of the wisest moves a beverage company can make. If you are looking for people to remember your brand or to remember your life event, it's a good idea to associate it with objects that they already readily form sentimental attachments to-like koozies and bottle openers.
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