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ban on sale of plastic water bottles in nilgiris district from aug 15 | coimbatore news - times of india

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-22
Udhagamandalam: the government of Nilgiris has taken action to ban the sale of plastic bottles, beverages packaged in PET bottles and food packaged in plastic covers.
At a review meeting held by collector J. Innocent Divya with district-level officials, merchants and traders association delegates, the government decided to comply with the recent interim order of the high court to prohibit these plastic items from entering the area.
According to a press release issued by the niergiis district government, the sale of plastic water bottles, cool drinks in PET bottles and food packaged with plastic lids will be banned from checkpoints at the entry point in niergiis, such as Burliar, Kunjappanai, Kakkanallah, nad soladi, pattaavayal, Nambiar Kunu and the Gedida sea.
Shops, hotels and restaurants located on the highway from the checkpoint to Ooty will not sell the above items.
The order will take effect on August 15.
The release asked tourists not to carry prohibited items to nilegis.
Instead, they can carry recycled bottles to lift water.
For the convenience of visitors, RO water station will be provided along the highway leading to Ooty and the tourist attractions of Ooty.
The version adds that the system will soon be extended to the entire region.
In an interim direction issued on May 28, the court said: the Tamil Nadu government has all the entry points in nilegis, where there are forest checkpoints, through regional collectors working with the forest sector, sufficient manpower should be provided to inspect all tourist vehicles and other vehicles entering nilegis and to prevent them from carrying plastic bottles and soft drinks.
If the regulations are violated, a fine should be imposed on the owner.
Collectors should arrange for clean drinking water to be provided to tourists every 15 km kilometers at the entry point of Neil Gilis.
All shops along the Nilgiris entrance should be banned from selling water in plastic bottles, and also from selling juice in PET bottles and food packaged in plastic wrapping paper.
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