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bamboo water bottle

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-07
So far, we know that we need a healthy environment for our health and happiness.
Therefore, waste management is important in order not to destroy the environment.
That\'s what bamboo bottles do. It is eco-
Friendly, reusable water bottles help keep the Earth clean & greenerWe are not happy with the excessive use of plastic in simple activities.
We want an ecosystem.
Friendly, no plastic water bottle & then consider designing and making one yourself.
According to the study, bamboo will remove a large amount of carbon dioxide and produce more o2.
We want to try to develop such a bottle that people can use with confidence to make the city greener, ecologically healthy and safer for future generations.
In the UK, more than 35 million bottles are consumed per day, about 16 million of which are not recycled, according to a study.
This is shocking, so we decided to design a recyclable environmental product.
Friendly water bottle bamboo bottle is to preserve and protect nature and environment according to one\'s wishes.
Bamboo bottles are still in the manufacturing state and need marketing to attract people to the maximum extent.
Bamboo bottle is dedicated to reducing or eliminating plastic waste.
It considers eco-
Friendly Biodegradable materials in order to bring alternatives for use and throwing or plastic water bottles.
Bamboo bottle is a common water bottle with a threaded cap.
To use it, the lid must be opened first.
After filling the required amount of water, close the cap and use it as a regular water bottle.
Keep the water temperature, bamboo bottle is great.
It is based on the principle of attracting users and satisfying his desires.
We have started selling bottles but we need money to produce them on a large scale and reach out to many people. We are over-
The response we received from people was impressive.
Bamboo bottle is a kind of simple water that people provide for sustainable life.
We\'re trying to track double diamonds (
Discover, define, develop and deliver)design method.
By discovery (
We are trying to determine where the plastic can be replaced), define(
We decided to use plastic in water bottles), develop(
After a variety of iterations, we are integrated into this solution. , deliver(
After the prototype was made, we got user reviews).
After repeated revisions, we have now completed the design.
In the design process, we also keep in mind the energy saving and environmental protection factors of 3R: Reuse (
Design such a bottle that can be reused, eliminating the use and throwing strategy), Reduce (
The main purpose is to minimize the use of plastic)and Recycle (
Alternative materials that can be recycled and returned to mother earth or used for other purposes).
About 100 per bottle-
120 ml of the water is enough to run or go to the gym.
Also, the look and quirks will make sure we drink enough water.
Bamboo bottles will help reduce the waste of single people
In the long run, using plastic can also save money.
The design process includes anthropology in order to define the size of the bottle in terms of height, bamboo radius, etc.
We did the measurements and then focused on 95-
5% percientile rules.
It helps us determine the dimensions of investing in reusable ecosystems.
Friendly water bottles are a small action that all of us can take to help solve the problem of plastic waste.
We know that plastic is not only harmful to nature, but also to all living things.
Making this bottle will not hurt human beings.
In addition, it will not damage nature to dispose of it.
Usually, plastic is treated by land.
Fill or burn in the suburbs of the city, damaging the health of the people and nature there.
Bamboo bottles are ecological.
Friendly reusable bottles, clean, safe and stylish to use.
We have been using bamboo bottle water bottle for more than 4 months without any problems.
The biggest difference is that bamboo bottles are made of biodegradable materials.
In addition, bamboo can be easily recycled after its service life.
It will save nature and money in the long run.
It can be reused and recycled to reduce waste of plastic.
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