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At this time of year parents are starting to panic

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-26
Every child wants that perfect bottle to take to school and show off, weather it have Batman or Hello Kitty plastered all over it. The brilliant colours and exciting designs will brighten up every child's day, no mater if it is a drizzly Monday morning or an exciting sunny sports day. Perfect for boys and for girls, there are good quality tough plastic or light weight aluminium bottles to choose from. Practical, durable which is a huge bonus for you, but most of all they're fun for your little ones! Every little girl's day will be made that little bit happier with a gorgeous pink Hello Kitty water bottle, or for the older ones there's stunning JLS and Twilight designs. No matter what your child might be interested in at that particular time there is a perfect lunch box set to suit. For boys there is a huge range of fantastic designs to choose from. Your child will be spoilt for choice with these exciting designs, including, Angry Birds, Batman, Ben 10, Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, and lots, lots more. And with the new and much anticipated Dark Knight Rises film just days from release, your kids will be going wild for the Batman lunch box and drinks bottle combo sets to 'wow' their friends. Boys will also go crazy for the new football lunch box and kids water bottle combos. With the colours of their favourite football team and the lunch boxes actually shaped like a football shirt, these new lunch time accessories are great! All bottles come with easily accessible sports caps for easy use, even for your littlest treasure. They include no small or easily removable parts so you know no little accidents are likely to happen. Kids water bottles can suit all kids, no matter what age. Perfect for PE and just generally everyday school use, the durable and hard wearing bottles and designs will last them the whole year through. Save yourself a load of money by purchasing a kids water bottle for every day use by your kids, there is no longer a need to buy throw away drinks cartons that such up your money as well as ending up on your kids clothes because of the fiddly little straws.
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