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As both a man and an alcoholic, constantly having

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-29
I used to just use my back molars, but when those grinded away to nothingt, I quickly learned how to open a beer with a second, unopened bottle. But that raised an additional dilemma: what if I was down to my last beer? How do I open that one? Unfortunately, I never could quite get to the bottom of the problem, and have for many years settled for smashing the neck off against the nearest hard corner. Yet my glass shredded stomach lining has begun loudly complaining of late at the wisdom of this technique. I need some other way. Forsooth! What's this in the gadget feeds? Only the solution to my binge drinking ills. The Happy Hour Watch is a quartz timepiece that has a bottle opener in the buckle of the watch band, fashioned from a mysterious alloy out of the stainless steel back. The watch even allows you to know when it's time to start drinking, and features two distinct watch faces. One is an LCD, while the other has traditional hands: when those hands line up with the helpfully marked 'Beer O'Clock'), it's time to start drinking at a restaurant happy hour. My only criticism is that, as a blogger, Beer O'Clock is pretty early in the day, and it's not quite clear if the 5PM default can be changed to, say, 7:30am. You can generally find watches like at around $50. Enjoy!
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