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by:ER Bottle     2020-06-24
Key Comfort Features Start In Your Business' Trade Show Exhibits One of the best ways to ensure optimal ease while manning trade show displays often starts with the booth itself. Many professional designers of trade show exhibits actually offer various features that enhance and prolong both the energy and comfort levels of the employees. Including an extra level of padding under the carpeting of these stands may not seem like much, but that one layer of cushion can work wonders on the feet and overall alignment of team members who work the crowd throughout the convention. Additionally, adding amenities like countertops, tables and chairs where necessary can ensure that as the event hours tick by, everyone on your staff has the necessary resources available that they need for support throughout the day. Boosting Energy Throughout The Day Even if your business trade show exhibits don't offer a single ergonomic perk, there are plenty of techniques that you can utilize on your own to ensure you stay energized and don't succumb to the aches and pains of all-day standing. First and foremost, purchase a good pair of shoes that offer as much support as possible. While you may feel tempted to sport the very latest footwear fashion during the convention, these events truly designate a time to opt for function above all else. Always check with management to determine acceptable styles and then choose the most supportive and comfortable pair you can possibly find. Staying hydrated at all times also plays a critical role in prolonging your enthusiasm and feeling rejuvenated. Begin drinking water the night before the event to ensure you awaken on the day of the convention refreshed and ready to face the crowds. Always keep a thermos or bottle of water out of sight, but easily accessible within your trade show exhibits to ensure that you can maintain your vigor as long as possible. Finally, periodic breaks as well as consistent snacks can also prove a huge factor in your quest to sustain peak energy levels. All too often, employees working trade show exhibits spend an entire business day standing in the booth with little to no sustenance and/or downtime which can quickly drain endurance and leave staff members feeling tired, hungry and cranky (aka no way to engage with potential clientele!). Stash snacks with your water hiding spots to ensure that you'll always have an opportunity to grab a quick bite as needed. Remember, it's never okay to dine in your trade show exhibits. However, reaching for a fast nosh upon leaving the booth before taking a periodic break is perfectly acceptable and you'll return to your stand feeling reinvigorated and ready to optimize your business' convention results!
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