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And then, I began to use some other new method

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-27
The first time, I was 80kg. And then, I begin to change my lose weight strategy, I decide Sunday as my holiday, I can eat what I want in Sunday, and then, I have to be on diet, what I do is to running for 10 circles everyday, about 4km, after a long time, my roommate do it with me, I want to say thanks for them, my highest record is to just drink 4 bottle of water, and never eat something, I do it for 2 months, and the, I am thinner for 15kg, all of my classmate said that I am thinner, this is the most crazy 2 months to lose weight. From 80kg to 70kg, I am on the tired period. This is the most difficult period for me. If you are on this period, what you should do it to continue. Many some of you will say that after a long time of lose weight, your weight are the same with before, and it is hard for you to be thinner, I want to explain to you that is this time is a period which let your figure and your weight keep the same, and only you overcome this period, you will be beauty, maybe, it is a little long, how about one month? I did not do very well when I was in this period, because I stopped to running at first, and then, I stopped the sports before I go to sleep, and then, I eat more than before, and I want to eat snatches, and then, I am 1.5kg fatter, so, I just lose 5 kg in this half year, maybe we can call this as the second period. The next period is fight for 60kg from 70kg, this is not a short time to finish, and the mainly method I use was to eat some rice, I do not want to do any sports, and then, I had some daidaihua again, and now, I want to tell you how to use it, Every morning 1 Lida DaiDaiHua Capsule you can use with 2 glasses of water (preferably warm water). You should wait for 20-30 minutes before having a breakfast. At least, 2 Lt/per day of water consumption is recommended during original lida daidaihua use. Important: Lida DaiDaihua is a slimming product without need of special diet and any dietary supplement. During Lida daidaihua use, controlling daily diet intentionally (a diet program) is unfavorable. 1 capsule of the product should be received absolutely in the mornings and 20-30 minutes after receiving the capsule you should have an unrestricted and satisfying breakfast. In case of failure to take enough care on having breakfast during the use of the product some side effects such as weakness, nausea may be observed. And then, this is now, I am just 59kg now, I have no other method to lose weight, I will eat less and move more, my goal was 52kg. I also want to give you some other details: 1. Go to shopping when you are free. 2. Read more fashion magazine, when you see those beautiful models, I know you do not want to eat anything more. And then, I wish all of you will be beautiful, be thinner. More information on
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