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amy cragg and shalane flanagan work together to make u.s. olympic team

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-09
They train together, dream together, and push each other through hard training when neither thought she might run another inch.
If one day Amy Kraeger is too tired to take the road, Shalan Flanagan will pick up the pace and know that Crapper will be her next turn, and to strengthen the partnership they have established since the crores moved from Providence to R in last OctoberI.
Fighting alongside Flanagan in Portland, Oregon
They share the pain and excitement that if only one person makes America incomplete, every feeling of her will be incompleteS.
Olympic team of Rio Olympic Games.
In a separate movement, they became selfless teams. On Saturday, they shared water bottles and cooling towels as they ran smoothly on the warm streets of downtown Los Angeles on the 1 th and 1A th for most of the Olympic marathon trials.
\"She has helped me a lot in the past four months.
\"I just have been with her all the time,\" crasher said . \".
Everyone has a strong motivation.
Cranny, in order to eliminate the memory that she was burned for the fourth time
Done in 2012 of AmericaS.
Marathon Trials
Flanagan was driven to her fourth Olympic berth.
For a period of time, the game was initially as relaxed as it was at the age of 26. 2-
When the temperature rises to the age of 70, it is OK to run a mile.
\"We started to run together like practice,\" crasher said . \".
But when they bump through the cycle, flana\'s blonde ponytail swings from one side to the other, and cranny\'s brown curls pile up on her white sun visor,
Flanagan began giving birth about 23 miles away and soon got into trouble.
Cranny turned to her again and again, coaxing and coaxing her, and she did not want to run away while Flanagan was in danger.
\"I looked at her before the last water stoppage, she turned bright red, and I knew the heat was getting bigger and bigger,\" Cranny said . \".
\"That\'s what I told her, \'I\'ll get you a water bottle.
Put everything on your head.
So I handed her a water bottle, and that\'s where I started to worry a bit, because once that started happening, you never knew if you were going to end.
\"Flanagan finished the game, which proves the inspiring bond that they will participate in the Olympic Games together.
Kroger won Saturday at 28 minutes of the month hour and then patiently Siri Bodhi tree, the one who died at Milai 26 and finished 2:28:54.
After a hug between Crafter and Linden, crafter turned to encourage franagan, who knelt down after punching in at 2:29:19.
While Flanagan was resting in a wheelchair, she stood by her side again.
\"Today, this is the bravest and bravest run I \'ve ever seen,\" Crapper said . \" \"Because there must be something happening, she has to focus on every step of her way to the finish line, but she did it anyway.
\"It is impossible for Flanagan to do this without Cramer.
\"She is the epitome of a friend,\" Flanagan said before receiving treatment including intravenous injections . \".
\"I thought, \'I am going to die.
\"I can\'t do that,\" she told me.
Dear Jesus, I thank her very much.
\"It was an instinct for Cramer to help franagan, who won the London Olympic team in the 10,000 season and ended the game on the 11 th.
\"In the third lap, I started going through a difficult process and she turned to me and said, \'We have this.
We will be there for each other.
\"We are going to be in the team,\" Crapper said . \".
This is our dream.
It\'s not that we join the team ourselves, it\'s that we are both there.
We were running together and she made me through that hard time and in the last lap I think she was going through a hard time too so it was the same thing.
I thought, \'she did it for me. I did it for her.
I\'m going to get her through.
I want to talk to her.
\"The dialogue between men\'s marathon debut champion Galen Rupp and runners --
Meb Keflezighi, 23
Time marathon marvel is less civilized.
The two exchanged several words, 40-year-Old Keflezighi-
Silver medalist at 2004 Athens Olympic Games
Scolding Rupp ran too close
\"This is not a track.
\"The road is open,\" Keflezighi said.
\"This is not a very friendly conversation . . . . . .
Take the lead or stand.
\"Cramer leads on Saturday, but franagan will stand by her side in Rio ready to return such elegant and memorable favors to water bottles and crores. helene. Special @ latimes.
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