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A swimming pool should be regularly cleaned. Fungi

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-13
Begin with cleaning the area around the pool If you perhaps have some plants growing near the pool (which is not recommended, to begin with) start with cleaning those dead leaves. But if there's not too many of them, we warmly recommend that you remove them, because when the wind gets strong, all those tiny leaves can make a huge mess in your pool, and the chemicals for cleaning are not free. Conclusion - Always try to prevent the mess, before it's made. Empty the filters and hair traps in the pump regularly The Filter Cleaner is a product very helpful for cleaning your pool filters. Just follow the instructions on the bottle carefully and remove all the sediment collected in them. Vacuum your pool Depending on the environment, some pools have to be vacuumed once a day (if there are a lot of plants and trees around), and others have to be vacuumed once a month. Vacuuming is very important because it removes both dirt and algae. People who clean their pools manually find this step the most complicated. But the truth is - if you know how to do it right, it's a piece of cake. Basically it's just like vacuuming your carpet. You should just move the vacuum cleaner slowly and your moves should be long and deep. Wash your pool with acid This step contains a few smaller steps. They're not that complicated as well. First, drain the whole pool. Once it's completely cleared, you can begin with the acid-cleaning. Secondly, get the right equipment for yourself (clothing, mask, gloves, boots and goggles). Then, mix the acid with water. The measures are - 3.8 liters of acid and 3.8 liters of water. Make sure you add the acid to the water, not the other way round. Wet the walls with a hose (the water should be constantly running) and then pour the acid mixture from top to bottom. The acid mixture should stay on the walls no longer that 30 seconds and while it's on, you should be rubbing it with a brush. After that, wash the acid with water completely and make sure no acid is left on the walls because it can eat the tiles. When that is done, neutralize the walls. Things to do daily Get a long handled net. With a long handled net, you can easily remove the insects that ended up in you pool and all the dead leaves that wind brought. And another useful tip All this cleaning goes much easier if you have the right tiles. We strongly recommend glass mosaic tiles. They are very decorative and transparent, and the color of glass does not fade, so your pool will look new all the time. The second advantage of glass tiles is that they are very easy to clean and they don't scratch. Get your glass swimming pool tiles today! Be creative and get your lovely looking and easy to clean tiles as soon as possible. To sum up, cleaning the pool is very important for both aesthetic and health reasons. Great enjoyment comes with great responsibility. Those responsibilities don't have to be hard as you can see. Just get well organized and follow the given steps carefully. After going through all of them, you will feel like you're on holiday at all times!
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