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Ralph Bluman fever
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The knees were bent and the weight was tilted back, and we kept the balance on the top of the beginner\'s Hill in Vt Snow Mountain.
Ready for our first drop
The slope looks like a gentle rise from the bottom.
From above, this is completely another matter.
This is not downhill.
This is a crater.
Under the coach\'s wave, we pushed down one by one, quickly fishing on the lush grass and rocks, squeezing the handbrake of the bike and preparing for dear life.
Mountain biking and skiing are cousins and I found this out this summer at mountain biking School in Dover, west of Vt.
The strong legs and good overall adjustment have the same starting requirements, the same initial fear, and then the excitement of speed when flying downhill, the same need to maintain the proper distribution of body weight.
Both campaigns provide ample opportunities for serious injuries to themselves and others.
Whether it\'s green or white, the two sports have the same glorious natural arena.
In my case, the symmetry was particularly close because it was snow mountain, the largest ski resort in the East at the time, and I came here 25 years ago to study skiing.
Now, I was pulled back by what the resort called the country\'s first mountain bike School, which started in June and lasted until October. 9.
Mountain bikes are traditional bikes, just like Bulldog vs Lacey.
Only more by bike.
Fluctuation is big fluctuation faster;
Narrower, flatter trails and more remote wilderness to explore-
Or, as some critics complain, the violation.
The devotees say that with 18 gears, there is almost no place for mountain bikes to go and can climb the flagpole even with enough traction.
Mountain bike ads-or all-
Terrain bikes because they are sometimes called-
It looks like a generation ago bike, before the car boom swept --
Edge tires and wire travel frames.
In fact, the first mountain bike was an old balloon --
Tire report-
The pioneers of California are equipped with a variety of equipment for the climb.
Today\'s mountain bikes are made of the same sturdy tires and sturdy frames, although better made of light alloys.
Mountain bikes are different from those that drop the handlebars that force the rider into the streamlined Crouch racing car, and the handlebars of mountain bikes are more or less straight, so the rider sits more upright.
Number of all ads-
According to the national off-road report, terrain bicycles on the road were estimated at 5 million last year, and the total number is expected to increase by 70% by the end of this year.
The road cycling association of ARRIS Chandler.
According to the association, half of the bicycles produced today are said to be mountain bikes, up to 90% in some parts of California and Colorado.
It\'s all fast
This type is becoming more and more popular, and it is not generally popular in the backyard of the United States.
Environmental activists are complaining more and more that Norby tires accelerate erosion, otherwise they will destroy the delicate ecology of the wilderness, and many state parks in the West classify them as vehicles and ban them.
I took part in the snow mountain project as a weekend cyclist in Central Park.
This project is as two-
Weekend or Monday-to-Thursday, four-day course.
From the snowy Lake Lodge where participants registered their school, I drove around mirror Snow Lake and reported at the bike tour center that another cave-like Pine Lodge climbed a short steep distance from the bottom of the snow mountain.
In the store, I installed a camondale mountain bike (
Schools are associated with manufacturers)and helmet.
The coach made sure I could use my feet to cross the crossbar of the bike on the ground and still had enough space to pull the front wheel 8 inch on obstacles on the trail.
They gave me a water bottle and I was filled with water in the cooler.
My classmates are three: a father. and-
Team of cyclists from BrewsterY.
The names Bob and Rob, and a former
A soldier in Philadelphia, Phil, read about the school in a bicycle magazine.
Our teacher is winter ski coach Dave King, who has developed thigh muscles and looks almost as big as my waist.
Dave started our journey with a series of stretching moves.
Dave\'s body is very flexible;
As I struggled to reach out to get my toes, he doubled and touched the ground with his palm. Dave was a six-
He was the elder of the mountain bike, which made him a pioneer.
\"I have been doing it for a year before I know everyone else has it,\" he said . \". The warm-
Dave explained how the bike works.
The gear bar on the left handlebar has three positions to control the three gears at the front end of the bicycle chain.
On the right handlebar, the lever controls the rear of the chain gear for a total of six.
Each of the six rear wheels can be combined with any of the three front wheels
There are 18 possible combinations in total.
The bike is based on the smallest front wheel and the largest rear wheel, making it the easiest to uphill the pedal, although moving the bike forward requires more gear speed.
Instead, set the front wheel on the largest wheel, set the rear wheel on the smallest wheel, which will make the bike the hardest to pedal, but send the bike the farthest each time it rotates.
The handbrake is about the same as the one on my car.
Rear wheel brake with right hand lever control, left-
The front brake is operated by the hand lever.
Press the front brake hard, especially when going downhill, to stop the bike with a dime and push the rider over the handlebar.
In the next few minutes Dave put us on a flat cobblestone floor around the tourist center so we can get familiar with our bike and practice switching gears and braking.
Then we were ready for the first downhill run.
25 years ago, I saw myself on the Hill of the same beginner, with clumsy slats stuck on my feet, leaning against a place that looked like an abyss.
Then, at least, there\'s something soft that can fall in.
Dave said that the trick on the bike is to tilt your weight back as much as possible to cope with the trend of speeding forward from the handlebars when steep drops.
For this, we have reduced the bike seat as much as possible, which is a simple adjustment, fast by relaxing and refasteningrelease bolt.
Dave took a step, not crouching on the bike seat, but on the luggage rack at the back.
We move the gear to move the bike chain to the largest front wheel and a larger rear wheel, a configuration suitable for downhill.
\"Let your crank arm level,\" Dave said, meaning both pedals should be in the middle levelposition.
In this way, he explained, the low pedal could hit the rock, making it less dangerous for the bike and rider to fly.
The location also made our knees bend very well.
Dave said: \"If you hit a bump, it\'s like skiing --
You want to move your body up and down and receive an electric shock from your knees.
\"He reminded us to keep the weight because the traction came from the rear wheel, but to keep our nose on the front wheel, apply a slight pressure to prevent the front tire from twisting sideways to 90-
Turn over a bump.
Then he waved to us one by one with his last admonition, \"never let the speed Leave You.
Just like my first ski, I was so busy following up on moving parts that might get out of control that I didn\'t have time to enjoy the ride.
I realized the pine tree.
The scent of the summer wind, the ground under the wheel roared, and the dense grass hidden the cunning boulders.
My knuckles tightened on the right.
Handbrake, when it is not a slow-flying machine enough, in front of the danger --
There are also wheel brakes.
Whenever I squeeze too hard, the rear wheels spin out in the slip, and when I relax my grip, the slip is corrected by itself.
But the bike then threatened to rush down the falling line again.
Then it seemed to end immediately.
I\'m at the bottom. Intact.
Next, Dave led us on a long, steep paved road that seemed to end the mountain endlessly. I started down-
Until I was in the lowest possible position on both levers.
Then I began to flip my legs and climb the slope.
Dave observed that it was not such a steep hill, \"but there was no shame in walking.
If you doubt you can cope with a hill or any other type of terrain, stop and push, he said.
\"Should you stand up and step down the hill ? \"
Phil wants to know.
Dave stood in his seat and stepped on different muscles and replied, so it was sometimes a good way to go up the hill and rest at the same time.
AdvertisementHe took a serious look at me fighting the slopes and shook my head sadly.
\"You moved too late,\" Dave said . \"
\"Before you have to shift in advance.
He also warned me not to fight the Hill.
\"Don\'t think you can get to the top earlier by working hard,\" he said . \".
\"You will be tired of yourself.
See how slow you can get to the top. Pull in.
There is only one pedal stroke at a time.
That way, passengers can save energy when necessary, for example, when obstacles suddenly appear on the trail, he added.
I tried it and it worked fine.
Once I forgot to try to conquer the Hill and only focus on turning the pedal in a rhythmic way, I slowly climbed up, of course, but there was extra resources.
This is the most important lesson I have learned at school, and it is full of broader philosophical and psychological implications: to overcome obstacles, do not try to overcome them.
I now think it is the art of Zen and mountain bikes.
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We stopped on the map to Orient.
With a trail of 115 miles, it\'s important to know where we are and where we are going.
Coach with walkie talkie
Maintain a conversation with the tourist center.
I am assured that no one has been injured or lost so far.
But I have heard that during my time there, a woman from a weekend class ventured to the terrain that was too difficult for her to negotiate;
She and her bike had to be picked up by a truck sent from the tourist center.
Just then, our crowds were interrupted by two mountain cyclists who seemed to pop up and whizzing past us on the small road.
\"Hot Rhodes,\" Dave muttered.
Cyclists like this have given the sport a bad name in many parks, panicked hikers, tearing trails, often destroying fragile mountain plants and accelerating erosion.
The other cyclist we met on the track was not quite sure.
He jumped out of the woods and as he approached us his machine suddenly spun out and sprinkled him under our feet.
\"Bet you walked at least 25 miles without stuttering,\" Phil comforted . \".
\"Then you see a group of people and you fall down.
The rider nodded and agreed to sprinkle the dust off his body, re-rode the car and left quickly.
Another time, I went out to experience the new terrain with a different coach.
We started off on a paved road called Apple Mountain, steep all the way.
\"It\'s impossible for most people to go all the way,\" Rich Caplan shouted on his shoulder as I tried to downshift.
Maybe I forgot a piece of equipment, I thought with hope.
But no, I was as low as I could and soon had to jump down and push.
We cut off a path through the woods, which soon turned into a stone --
It was covered with dry river beds.
As I struggled along the path, my front wheel hit a big stone.
The tire bounced back and almost threw me in the back hook.
I noticed the barbed wire on my right in time.
When my right foot and pedal fell down on a dwarf tree on the trail, I barely recovered and reinstalled.
Unfortunately, one leg was crushed when my bike and I rushed.
I managed to step on the brakes and keep balance while releasing my feet.
Rich noticed my pain and said, \"it seems quite technical now . \".
I soon learned that technology is a big mountain.
Motorcyclists euphemism for difficult terrain
I checked my watch and did double check. Was it broken?
It felt like we had been out for hours but a few minutes passed.
We came out of the trail, joined National Highway 100, along the smooth gravel road, after the \"tech\" trail, but actually no more than 30 miles per hour.
Two miles below, we took a rural dirt road to the left along Route 100.
When we pass by the bike, the dog will call us, and some dogs are bound by iron chains to try to pounce on us.
On an old covered bridge, we met another group of cyclists who came out of the tourist center to rest.
\"I hate it,\" Tina Giardelli, Secretary from Belville, New York, moaned. J.
\"I think I was hit by a car.
Mountain bikes are strictly non-smoking, she said.
Never start wearing new socks, she said: blisters kill her.
We waved goodbye and walked towards another path, interrupted by a big mud pit somewhere.
I cleverly bypassed it, but Rich couldn\'t resist it.
He pointed the front wheel directly at it, setting off a torrent of sewage washing on bicycles, sneakers and socks.
He shouted on his shoulder, \"You can judge how happy you are by how dirty you are . \".
I\'m happy, but Rich is ecstatic.
We walked along a path through the forest, and at a moment of deja vu, I thought I recognized it from skiing 25 years ago.
On my way back to the tourist center I had to climb the steep steps.
I refused the impulse to start flying.
Thinking of Dave King\'s suggestion, I slowed down immediately and rode my bike as slowly as possible at the lowest speed.
An elderly couple is slowly going up the mountain.
I got them a little bit and finally passed them.
I waved and asked, \"How are you ? \"
\"How are you,\" said the man.
\"Wow,\" I thought proudly, \"it must have been graduation.
Cycling, dining and sleeping bike school mountain snow mountain bike School (Mount Snow, Vt. , 05356; 800-451-4211 or 802-464-7788)
On Interstate 100 in southern Vermont, 213 miles from Manhattan, about 4-and-a-half-hour drive.
School, open until October.
9, as a two-person offer
Weekend show or Monday-to-Thursday four-day course.
Depending on the accommodationand-
Choose the package, the cost of two people-
Full-time schools range from $198 to $304 per person (
$268 for a person is the highest price for a double room)
For four people
Full-time schools range from $333 to $505 (
$481 per person, double).
Bicycles and helmets are included, although participants can bring their own.
Schools have \"commuting\" rates for participants living in non-schools
Package accommodation: $110 for two days and $190 for four days, including lunch, kettle and trail map.
Day trips can rent a bike and helmet for $15, up to four hours, $20 a day, and $40 for four days.
For those with their own bikes, there is no charge to use the mountain, although for their own safety, visitors are strongly required to purchase a $5 trail map.
Send students to school-
Accommodation packages are usually placed in one of the four residences. For the two-
Go to school and have almost half a rest.
Available: The Hermitage Hotel, 2 and a half miles from the snow mountain base hotel, is $481 per person ,(
$505 single meal including three meals.
Hermitage ementbrook Lodge is a country inn near the Winter Palace at a price of $457 per person, twice as much as $481, serving all meals.
Snow Lake Lodge overlooking Snow Lake, $461 per person, twice as much as $524, including all meals.
Holiday Center apartment is a gable complex located at the bottom of Snow Mountain for $333, twice the price of one person and $476 for one person
Bedroom kitchen and lunch.
There are many facilities in the hotel, including swimming pool, tennis court and fitness facilities;
Guests of Winter Palace guest house can use the facilities and services of brookbond guest house.
One of the \"commuter\" options is the 105-year-
Old Snowden hotels (National Highway 100; 802-464-9355)
Two miles from Xiduo Foshan, the double room starts at $65 and includes breakfast until the 19 th;
After that, it doubled at $80.
Farm Inn sawmill (802-464-8131)
The hotel is very elegant right across from the snow Nest Hotel.
The double room starts at $200 per night and includes breakfast and dinner.
Cyclists, whether in the mountains or elsewhere, should pay attention to some basic precautions.
Always wear a helmet.
Ride with friends whenever possible, especially in the woods.
Study and carry the route map and stick to the route marked.
By avoiding customs
Without the supervision of coaches, cyclists will not only protect themselves, but also protect the fragile mountain environment from damage.
Bring more water: go out in one day, two or more bottles are not enough.
Carrying insect repellent and firstaid kit. -R. B.
Ralph Blumenthal, a reporter for the metropolitan staff of the New York Times, is also the last day of the Sicilian: War with the Mafia: F. B. I.
Attack on Pizza Connection \'\'(Times Books).
A version of this article appears on page 5005016 of the national edition of September 4, 1988, with the title: Pedal pusher school.
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